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Cardi B, Feud With Nicki Minaj Has Been Bad For Business (Video)
By Chioma Okwu

Cardi B has been driven round and round in a very exhausting and never ending train of social discomfort. It's been hectic and tiring for the beautiful rapper.  We all know she was slammed and shamed for being a former stripper even though it was nobody's business. She got involved with Offset, the father of her baby, their separation a couple of days ago; and endless feud with Nicki Minaj.

The latter has been a thorn in her side for a good while now, and during a new segment on CBS Sunday Morning, she addressed the situation again, explaining that she was never happy about it. 

"You know a lot of people like to say, any publicity is good publicity, to me it's not because that takes away from people paying attention to your craft," she explained, while adding that it was "bad for business" rather than beneficial in any way. "It makes people not even care about your craft, they just wanna see drama." While it's true that beef can raise the profile of many musicians, the conversation regarding Nicki and Cardi did little to raise either of their already huge levels of celebrity.

During the interview segment, she also spoke at length about people who have doubted her, and she also revisited her old high school to say hello to her favorite teacher. As far as interviews with celebrities go, this latest one with Cardi is definitely one of the more interesting, offering another candid look at the rapper, who just bagged herself five Grammy nominations.

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