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By Chioma Okwu

A father had had enough when he witnessed a rough tackle on his son during a football game. Just on Monday, an Alabama dentist got arrested for allegedly slapping a youth football player who injured his son during a tackle last month.

The father of the injured football player who has been identified as Marcus Dempsey, of Northport, Alabama, has been charged with harassment, reported. He was released on a $300 bond.

The 43-year-old was working on the chain crew during the little league football game on Sunday.

Police said the tackle occurred on Oct.4 and Dempsey walked onto the field and slapped a player who injured his son  The paper reported, citing an investigation by the Tuscaloosa police’s Juvenile Division.

Jay Stuck, an attorney representing Dempsey, denied the allegations and told the paper “we are confident that once the facts are heard and examined by neutral parties his innocence will be clear to all involved.”

“We eagerly await his day in court to address these allegations as laid out by the Tuscaloosa Police Department.

“We are confident that once the facts are heard and examined by neutral parties, his innocence will be clear to all involved.

“As his attorney, I would hope the media will report that determination with the same zeal and speed in which they have reported this current matter,” Stuck said.

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