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By Chioma Okwu

…and so it happened in the land of massive recession and hardship, in the time of Buhari, a car

repair company is recalling cars they repaired that developed faults!

Almost seems like a fairy story right? You are probably waiting for someone to shout April

fool! Believe me, it isn’t going to happen. AUTOEASE LTD, an Automobile Auto body, Auto

Spray & Auto Bake Workshop based in Enugu is recalling cars they repaired that, get this – were

not up to AUTOEASE standards! Almost sounding like we are no longer in Nigeria, sounds like

what you hear from a global automobile brand right?

Recently on Enugu’s 92.5 Dream FM, on the Dream Breakfast Club hosted by the renowned

Jude “Uncle Jude” Thomas Dawam, C.E.O of AUTOEASE Ifeanyi Okeke brewed up a storm

when he made the announcement. I thought I miss-heard until he repeated himself and I was

amazed to no end. You mean there’s a company that recalls stuff in Nigeria? Since when?

The story was that AUTOEASE imports materials with which they conduct their business from

London, but due to some delay in shipment, they had to order from Lagos. Unfortunately, the

stock they ordered from Lagos, ended up being an inferior stuff, classic Nigerian bad quality.

Being an organization that values their reputation so much and also to ensure that they maintain

their reputation of turning up high quality maintenance and repairs, they decided to recall and

repair ALL the cars they worked on, those that don’t fit the bill of AUTOEASE Service Quality

at zero cost, yes, you heard me correctly, for free!

I have never heard our indigenous vehicle manufacturers ever recall their products even with all

the defects its customers have complained about over the years. As a matter of fact, in Nigeria,

its more of – you bought it and that’s your business! How many companies even actually take

Product Warranty serious? AUTOEASE AutoBody Shop has not only blazed the trail in World

Class Service Quality, but they have outdone themselves in further endearing themselves to their

prospective and present customers by offering after-service “servicing”. Here’s a company that

has made Enugu, Eastern Nigeria proud and Nigeria with this innovation.

The Customer is still King and Ifeanyi Okeke and his team at AUTOEASE proves that. Well-

done Guys!

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nice one ooooo this guy Sabi customer service


story for the gods another publicity stunt

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