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By Chioma Okwu

You know what they say about love, you never really know where you'll find it. A South African lady who has been identified as, Mgcotyelwa Nony had no idea whatsoever that she'd be meeting her husband in a stadium. Truly, you never really know what life has in stock for you; she reluctantly followed her brothers to the stadium for a game they had got tickets for few months back.

She took to social media to share her beautiful story.

Read her lovely story;

It was 7 months ago on the 14 of March when love chose me in Green Point stadium. It was the Nedbank Cup,Orlando Pirates was playing against Cape Town City. My brothers had bought themselves tickets to the game,they didn’t get me one,for obvious reasons, that I never watch any soccer matches and have never had an interest to go to the stadium.

But this time I queued the long lines of last minute ticket sales and got myself and my cousin tickets.

We didn’t pay much attention to the match. We were excited about our first time at the stadium and we wanted everyone to know. It was selfie after selfie. Posted on whatsapp, until a friend noted the guy in a grey t-shirt photo bombing all my snaps and asked if I’ll give him the pictures.

Every time I turned back to my brother’s he was staring right at me. Then it was half time when he came down, running over the chairs to introduce himself. I gave him a hard time since that day but he never gave up. On the 14th of October I chose love in return and became his wife.

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