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NANI BOI- Blown Artists Not Helping Upcoming Artists; Who Takes The Blame?
By Chioma Okwu

The rant about artists not being supportive or inclined to helping other upcoming artist has gone on long enough to drag the attention of some note worthy personalities.

The Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Nnaemeka Charles Eze, popularly known as, Nani Boi has commendably become a man of many parts. He is also an OAP and author of many books, most of which are being studied in schools. The Enugu State born graduate of Geology from University of Nigeria, Nsukka took to his Instagram account to point out the stress on artists not helping other artists; particularly the South-East artists.

He wrote;


Though this has been a hot topic for discussion in the past few months, we still haven’t arrived at an agreeable conclusive notion.

It’s been a non fact that artists find it rather difficult to comment or speak well of their fellow artists in an interview or other artists are being reviewed; yet they go on and on about how we (society as a whole) should work towards improving a deep respect for art appreciation. 

              This has been defined to be a fake social media popularity approach.

Following the write up made by Naniboi; stating that these already ‘BLOWN’ artists find it almost impossible to help the upcoming artists because of the negative vibes/results gotten off from other ‘BLOWN’ artists who have played the role of a messiah in the lives of these upcoming artists.

The upcoming artists in the South-East are most times left to attain their own level of fame with little or no help from the already established artists. While this may be because of fear of being overshadowed by these upcoming artists; it may also be a reaction to past disappointments on the part of the already established artists.

Some other concerned individuals have also affirmed to the notion that ‘South-East artists do not support upcoming artists’ but Naniboi has instinctively derived a different plausible premise to this argument.

Who do you think is to be blamed and what can be done? 

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