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Integrating you with the right physiological deal with Lilburn Services Enugu
By Lamido Yusuf

It’s been accurately proven that various spa therapies benefit the human body on a physiological level, far beyond the mere relaxation prompted by visiting a spa.

Lilburn spa in its fullness and wellness has been equipped to not just feed your eyes or provide fanciful photo background but to marinate and adorn your body with the beauty it deserves.

“The areas and functions of the human body most affected by both touch and various spa techniques are the skin, circulatory system and lymphatic system”. Here in Lilburn, we serve you in the best of ways suited for your body and skin, by developing a deeper understanding of the health benefits and applications of spa therapies.

We feed your mind and body with the right physiological and mental vigor. Our services are made to align strictly with your needs and more.

With the right education and adapted protocols our therapists provides enhanced sessions and authentic spa techniques/services such as;

·       Massage

·       Facial treatment

·       Pedicure and manicure

·       Steam bath

·       Body exfoliation

·       Sauna

 Though Lilburn spa has the advantage of space, professional resources, equipment and trained instructors/practitioners to provide guests services, help regain balance, change lifestyle habits and enhance our customers  lives; we also provide clients with a spa-like experience in the comfort of their homes, work place, etc.

   What we provide, you will most likely not get elsewhere. Have an experience with us today. Lilburn cares.

We are located at at No. 2 Lilburn Avenue NewHaven Extension, Before Emene bridge Enugu. Follow on social media @lilburn_service or visit  for more inquiries. Cheers

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