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When forward turns creepy - by Adanna Elechi
By Lamido Yusuf

I think I am always paranoid, I became this way in 2008 after a traumatic kidnap. I am always suspicious of people and I tend to read meanings into almost every move. You can't blame me can you? 

Yesterday during mass, I walked in late as usual. Luckily for me I brought a plastic seat from home just in case there were no available seats and as a baby girl, I had to sit because my shoes were not made for standing. I managed to find a little space and I fixed my green chair. I was busy minding my business when my eyes fell on the shoes of the person who sat directly in front of me, it was a disaster as it was peeling and the whole floor was littered with particles. I felt bad for her and made up my mind to bring shoes for her the next Sunday. Being an inquisitive person, my eyes started roaming the area I sat, guess I wanted to be sure no other person had bad shoes. Fortunately or unfortunately it fell on a very lovely brown loafers. I am sure you can already tell I am a sucker for shoes. My eyes kept going back to the shoes, but I didn't see the face of the owner. 

"Hi, what's your name? I will like to know you more". The owner of the brown loafers said to me during peace and love of Christ. He actually held my hand right in the middle of mass to get to know me. Chi m! I politely answered him and told him we will talk after mass because people were already looking at us. Oga wasn't discreet at all o. I kept on thinking about this very unfamiliar face in my small church were we all know each other that I forgot to say my prayers before communion. 

Immediately after the last person went for communion, Mr. brown loafers pulled his chair close to mine and started telling me about himself, after which he asked for my number and I gave him. Eyes were on us and it was as if he didn't care. After a while, he left the church and I stayed till the end. As soon as I got home, I got a call from him, asking for us to see immediately and I calmly dismissed him. I told him we will see in the evening and he told me he had to see me that very day. First thing that puts me off. 

It was Mother's Day, so we all went to celebrate at my aunt's place. My WhatsApp kept beeping, it was Mr loafers asking me when we will see. I told him the situation and the fact we might not get to see because it was getting late. Oga was adamant. He told me to call him we I got home that he will pick me up. Me Adanna, go out with a desperate stranger in the middle of the night lol. I got home very late and I sent him a text that I can't come out anymore, he said I should text him my address, so we can come to my gate for us to talk. At this point, my spirit said block him, but I didn't. 

When he was sure I wasn't going to come out, he called and started telling me that he was in love with me. Haba! Told him we just met a few hours ago, he changed it for me o. Started telling me I had an archaic mentality and I had to change. His tone was aggressive and the psychologist in me kicked in. I asked him if he was an aggressive person, he said yes but not in an angry way, just in cases like lovemaking. At this point, I knew it was over. I told him I had to go, he started shouting at me, they had the mind to try to schedule another meeting with me the next day. I just said okay and hung up. 

I forgot to block the number and my first call of the day was from Mr. Brown loafers, I refused to pick, he called and called, I didn't answer. Two unknown numbers and I private caller later, I decided to return his call. I told him I was out of town and will be back later at night. Oga said there were sides of me, he hasn't unraveled and he must before leaving town. 

Is this guy just forward or plain creepy? I want to be sure I am not just paranoid.

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