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By Lamido Yusuf

There are achievements and there are groundbreaking, stereotype bursting, achievements. The latter is the case of multi-award-winning Nigerian Gospel musician, Osinachi Joseph, popularly referred to as Sinach. From being interviewed on BBC Africa to sold-out UK shows, tours in over 26 countries of the world Sinach definitely has something special going on for her, this year.

But that’s not all.

Sinach recently shared on her social media platforms a days ago, the mind-blowing news of Way Maker, her 2016 song which attained a premium status of 50 million views on YouTube; a position that accommodates only a selected few. There are many ways to think about this.

First, that a Nigerian Christian song broke through all of the seeming barriers, leaving several “industry giants” behind and proving yet again, that Gospel Music can never die.

The second, which is quite fascinating when you think about it deeply is that Way Maker by Sinach broke industry barriers without a VEVO account; the new music video promotion alternative for artistes. The Way Maker sure came through on this one.

It’s news like this we love to hear.

To achieve such at moments when everyone is trying to hard to push their negative bias and propaganda against Gospel Music deserves applause. Gospel Music is still a necessity, globally commercial and causing ripple effects worldwide. you are not wrong if you are in that space committed to producing “spiri” music.

And there’s no stopping to this; within the time of posting and writing of this post, the video has made over 74,000 views extra.

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