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How to plan the perfect destination wedding
By Lamido Yusuf

All the helpful tips you need to plan a destination wedding that won't be forgotten in a hurry.

Planning a destination wedding might sound like a lot of work but it necessarily does not have to be that stressful if you plan right.

Below are some tips you’ll find useful if you desire a destination wedding that reduces hitches to the barest minimum. Heck, you could have a perfectly hitchless one!

1. Choose your location wisely

Pick a place that’s meaningful to the relationship – may be the country where you met or somewhere you both love and have always wanted to visit.

Of course, make sure it’s fine with the kind of budget you have.

2. You’ll need a research trip

If time and budget allow, visit the destination before the wedding.

Go there for first-hand research of accommodation and ceremony options. Make sure there is ample time -6 months is not bad –between this research and the wedding date.

That first-hand information on everything will do you a lot of good in the long run.

3. Consider the weather

This is important both for the timing of the ceremony and guest attire.

4. Carry your outfit onboard

Don’t ever make the mistake of not following this rule.

You really don’t want your wedding dress or outfit lost in transit, right?

5. Consider your guests

You might want to organize your destination wedding, for instance, during school holidays so any parents on the guest list don’t have to worry about taking their kids out of school.

Also, make as much information available to the guests as is reasonable. And do so on time. Every information needs to go out on time every single time.

6. Manage expectations

All plans could be smooth as they should be but the day could throw some unexpected curves at you.

Just know better. Take a deep breath and enjoy the day as much as you can. You could not have traveled that far to not enjoy your big day.

7. It’s all about you

You, and the love of your life. So make sure to incorporate as many sweet, emotional and meaningful things as you can.

Little touches can make all the difference at a destination wedding. Treat it like a holiday, but remember that everyone is there for you. It is your wedding after all.

written by Ayoola Adetayo

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