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Over 5.5m girls out of school in Nigeria
By Lamido Yusuf

Nationwide there is an astonishing amount of girls that are not a formal education.

On Thursday, February 1, 2018, the Director-General of the National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) Prof. Lilian Salami has stated that over 5.5 million school-age girls are out of school in Nigeria.

Salami said this during the opening ceremony of a 5-day 2018 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) training for head teachers and policymakers on girl education at the headquarters of the institute in Ondo State.

“The education sector is bedeviled with a lot of challenges, revealing that “one-third of all girls are out of school in Nigeria, amounting to over 5.5 million school-age girls, not in school.”

Salami also said that “Net enrolment rates for girls at primary level are 5% lower than for boys; gross enrolments at junior secondary school level follow this trend. Both figures hover around 50%. This falls far short of the targets SDGs.”

She added that data reveals very little progress in universal access to primary schooling in the last decade.

Salami listed series of factors militating against the achievements of the continental and global goals to include, “Gender disparities in access to basic education are compounded by interrelated regional, wealth and residence inequalities in access and completion.”

Salami noted that the stakeholders are being trained on the SDG agenda to ensure quality education and opportunities for lifelong education for all.

She said that the agenda lays particular emphasis on the need to ensure that all girls and boys enjoy a full, free and quality primary and secondary education.

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