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By Lamido Yusuf

Word on the street is that the product that sells the most in Nigeria is condoms, word on the street also discloses that the products that sold the most on valentines day were shaving sticks and shaving cream, meaning a lot of people are got freaky. Since you’re going to get freaky you might as well make it worthwhile by switching on the AC, scenting up the room with beautiful smells and filling the air with a special ‘love making’ playlist that will heighten your senses to the max.

If at all you’re going to play a few songs while making love, these 6 songs must be amongst them.

1} Tank - I Love Ya (feat. Yo Gotti)

This should be the song when you’re making out with each other. It’s bound to make a few boneless organs stand and make some spots wet with pleasure.


This is the song that should be played during the first round of the act. it has a semi-fast tempo which you could stroke and move along to.

3} Pammy - dhetiny

This is the song you should play after the first round, you could gist and rest while waiting for the energy for round two to come around.

4} Reekado Banks - Like Ft. Tiwa Savage and Fiokee.

You should be able to last more than one song in round two. This song should still be playing while you’re both in the second round.

5} Johnny Drille - Romeo & Juliet.

this song should be able to speed up things. like add more emotions

6} Ric Hassani- The African Gentleman

When you are now rounding up there should be complimentary ‘head’, this is the song you play while eating each other out. 


we are working on creating a sex playlist for couples we need your suggestions..

this post is for married people..

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