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When The Player Got Played
By Ebere Ngwu

Looking into a mirror on the wall and practicing that killer charming smile, I straightened  the strains on my shirt. I had decided  to look decent enough to cause quite the distraction at the party, I was to attend later on. Speaking of the party in which I had no idea who was hosting or where it was, or come to think of it any tangible detail about, but it was a Friday evening and after the long stressful week I've had, God forbid I had no plans of grinding somewhere, anywhere! 

  " Zikora! ,I hope say you don ready, I need to be early I'm really in no mood for Uche's drama, if I'm late to the party.  

I gave my long time friend a sympathetic smile "ah Tokunbo calm down jor,you too fear this your babe, please which one is the man in the relationship, remind me o jare" I said, giving out a mocking laugh, he just sneered at me and replied,

 "Eh keep laughing you hear, you this player, but abeg Eh ,do you mind switching places" he gave me a wink and we both laughed for a while at that. 

Half an hour later ,feeling the beat of music, Tokunbo and I were both  at the scene, in a place that seemed to be a really big club but with more lights and not as much people or maybe we were just earlier. A lady wearing a bright pink gown and with quite the heavily made-up face approached us with a rush and in Tokunbo's path, it wasn't until she was near I realised it was Uche and might I add, looking pissed. Uche eyed me and placed her attention on Tokunbo." 

You're late Toks,She said. Looking at me with little interest she murmured "Zikora what's up?" I murmured something not so nice too. We really did dislike each other. 

....."I'm sorry babe, the traffic was unbelievable" Tokunbo put an arm around her cajoling her and Uche not believing a word rolling her perfectly made up eyes. At this moment I had to agree, Toks had a pretty fine thing for a babe. I turned to Ella, Uche's roommate and tried to start a conversation.

"So Uche, this party you invited us to, what's it about? Toks asked.  She faced me squarely explaining "well it's a fundraiser for a society project,if you look around you'll find the high and mighty, not just anyone is here and I invited you two because I'm one of the organisers." I made a fake wow face, I didn't ask the question,  Toks did. I wasn't interested either, I just came to have fun.

 "Um I'll be stealing Tokunbo for a moment, I would love to introduce him to some dignitaries, In the mean time try and have a good time" she said dragging Toks behind her. Tokunbo smiling deviously at me said "Guy, go and do what your best at" motioning to the group of ladies who just walked in. Grining at each other we exchanged a knowing look before he was completely dragged off by Uche. 

 "Damn, the sea is full tonight",I thought to myself as I looked around ,satisfyingly taking notice of gorgeous women prancing up and down in little amount of clothes just how I like it,right before I went for the kill. My stomach organs reminded me that I hadn't eaten since lunch and i had to refuel, and I sincerely hoped that this Uche and her so called Organiser friends had at least put made provisons of food a priority! It wasn't long before I found a whole isle for treats and that made me breathe a sigh of relief, it was more than just treats there was so much to eat and damn the DRINKS it almost made me forget about the ladies at the event, almost! I went up to a woman whom I assumed was one of the servers, who had her back turned to me and spoke up "excuse me" she instantly turned ready to listen, probably a cause of habit from the nature of her job . I listened to her as she informed me on the variety of dishes to choose from, which were all mouth watering I had to say, but for a moment I stopped comprehending she was saying and just stared at her luscious lips and the way words came out from them,I'd never been so interested in the chioce of food in a menu before as she called them out to me, and the way her body language spoke, she was a natural. I dont know why I didn't notice the minute i walked up to her, but this young woman was gorgeous. It made me wonder why she was stuck here serving food and not an invitee at this event and being adored by men out there . I would've stood there for a day appreciating the beauty across the table,but a certain grunt coming from an impatient man behind made me realise that I was actually holding up the line and with regret left where I stood to a seat to eat my meal. All the while not taking my eye off that yummy food caterer ,It was a long night and it wasn't difficult ignoring the countless women who flaunted themselves to get my attention ,my brain only registered one face ,and there she was working her nicely shaped ass off. She was just so enjoyable to look at and the way she interacted with people, with so much ease.

 A hand suddenly grabbed my shoulder, I looked up and found Toks looking down at me, "this one you're just sitting here, I hope you've been getting the most out of this awesome party?Before I could reply and make known my new found interest ,he cut me off "so we go talk later na, I'll be heading off with Uche, I'm going over to her place, I'm sure you can get home safe" he said waving goodbye. I was okay with that, seeing that i wouldn't leave here till I got that caterers number in my contact and her in my life. Just kidding. Maybe not. Returning my attention back to my previous fixation, I noticed she was no longer at the spot she was all evening or even around that spot. After a quick search i realised the caterer wasn't anywhere in the room, that didn't stop me. I searched the bathroom hall, at the back of the building, I looked everywhere like I was searching for an escaped convict. With the heaviest heart I reluctantly gave up and retreated to where I parked my car as I headed back to my apartment. Jolting I nearly got knocked off my feet with joy caused by the sight before me. At this moment if I had the power, angels would sing 'alleluia' that second. There she was illuminated by the light from a street lamp post she was under, She looked like something out of a romance movie . I figured she was waiting for someone or a cab, I prayed it was the latter. Immediately I got in my car and drove to the place where she waited and suddenly the cassanova in me sprung to life,I wound down the window and acted cool hoping to impress her, I said "Hey Beautiful......." she looked the least bit impressed, probably because of my shallow pickup line. I continued however "can I have the honor of assisting you dear? maybe dropping you off at you home" I said trying not to come off as a ritualist or a kidnapper and frighten her away. I looked at her as she thought over it and I couldn't be happier when she nodded in agreement and told me where she lived and asked if I was would be going that way. I told her to get in the car, frankly I would drop her even if it meant at the end of the world, I was that smitten. 

As we rode in the car, I constantly stole glances her way. Well she pretended not to have noticed. We had gone quite the distance when she gasped, I turned towards her.

What's wrong dear? I asked slightly worried. Rummaging through her hand bag she looked up at me with a cute yet worried face,she said "I think I forgot my phone " she kept on looking in the bags she held "I'm so sorry to be a bother, but please can we drive back to the event center? That  phone is too Important to me" , There was no way in hell I could have said no to that face and before she asked again,she had me turning the car around.  When we got back to the place it was looking deserted because it was already late. She pleaded that I  go in with her to keep her safe. This I agreed to without hesitation, I wanted to be the perfect gentleman. Going in she left to a distance where I couldn't see her anymore and before I could call out her name to make sure she was alright, I heard the sound of a car roaring to life which was strange because I didn't see any car when we came back there, on a second note the start up noise the engine of the car made,sounded familiar, sounded like my CAR! At this moment it dawned on me that I had left my car unlocked with the keys inside. I rushed out, seeing my car zoom off made me feel like an award winning idiot. It didn't take me long to realise who had robbed me of my property, the pretty caterer who was also a mysterious one at that. Cause for the first time with the lil time I had spent with her that night, it never occurred to me to ask her for her name.

 It was obviously a long terrible night since all the cash I had in me plus my phone was in the car. I thus had to walk a dreadfully long way till i got to security check point and explained my ordeal. The security guards in duty promised something would be done immediately but not after I had been laughed silly at how I was robbed and more of, who robbed me. I didn't blame them, the shitty situation I got my self in was a very laughable one. The next day I went to the catering service ordered by the event the day before and enquired about the mysterious caterer and not a soul knew who I was talking about, In order to satisfy my doubts all the members of the operation were checked for facial recognition and none of them was her.

A week had passed and trust my country's detective methods, the search for my car had ceased till whatever the future had to unfold, I had finally concluded that I was jazzed and I didn't know what was worse, the fact that I hated that lady for ever existing or that I couldn't get her out of my heart because the stupid organ probably thought she was the one, of course my unhelpful friend Tokunbo kept on saying teasingly at every chance he got" na woman do you this thing o zikora" 

 I annoyingly thought to myself, my heart should stick to its godamnned job which is, just pumping and circulating blood because women, true or not were all SCAM!!! 

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