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Little Girl With Amputated Leg In Enugu Needs YOUR Help
By Chisom Winnifred

Do you remember a post on 26th of December, about a commercial bus cutting off the leg of a little girl following brake failure in Abakpa market Enugu? The young girl, who was crossing the road with her mum, got hit by a reckless driver, rendering much damage to one of her legs.

One of our writers Ebere Ngwu and some of her friends visited the little girl at the hospital with this update;


Hello everybody. At this moment @ammyflawless and I would love to use this opportunity to thank everybody who has contributed to the well fair of this little girl. Either by giving, reposting, broadcasting, calling, visiting etc. We say a Big Thank you. 
This is a rundown of the recent developments, I feel you all need to know since you've shown an act of care. You are entitled to every information.
Yesterday we visited the girl, I and a group of students from UNEC, thanks to @rachy_fidel. The little girl is doing very fine. Like I said in my previous post she's a very brave and Lively girl. After a chit chat with her father, according to him the doctors wanted to amputate the leg close to her thighs but they refused which led the doctors to cut from the part the leg broke, after some days it started affecting her, they went back and cut from below her knee, which was a dangerous act, after few days again they went back and finally heeded to the doctor's advice. For disobeying the doctor and going somewhere else to do the first operation the doctor had to charge them double before doing the last operation. A charge of N242, 000. Note, this payment is not the final hospital charge, it's like a deposit, thus after her treatment they will give them the final bill. Only God knows how much that one will cost. Please let's keep giving. Nothing is too small. Let's help this old man. 
Her dad's phone number: 08038779292

 Account number: 3085400028

Account name: Augustine Anymalu

Bank: First bank

 Hospital: Mother of Christ hospital Holy Ghost. 

This post is to solicit for funds on their behalf. Nothing is too big or too small. Even after the treatment they need money to sustain themselves. Even if you don’t have funds, visit them. Repost. If you have friends you think can help, reach out to them.

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