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From a View that is not Yours. #SexDolls
By Jane Nneoma


I really wanted the party wailers to go home before I say anything about this. Initially, I couldn't understand what the whole fuss was about, not because I wasn't following the threads & timelines, but because I thought we said we're now in a digital world so we're  keeping up with trends & innovations. But apparently, we don't like news/information as much as we enjoy rumors & threads.


Need I say...

Sex toys, machines, dolls, etc had been a thing of the past, I can't believe we resurrected it for another market that is not ours to gain from. By now, we should have built our own machinery, refineries, robots & figured out how to make this dam of ours give us more power supply but No.... We would rather be unto some - "My name is Chucky, do you wanna play?" vibe.


In 2006, Hendrick made mention of the fact that 5 years from then, people would be having sex with robots. In 2015, a campaign against it was raised by some dude who said it would translate wrongly to the younger generation (the kids). In 2017, new materials became more available for more sex bots to be made and suddenly, everyone's got an opinion. And then... there's the "crazy shallow thoughts" some of us throw around so easily about how men are good for nothing but the money they supposingly give to the ladies & how women are good for nothing but the sex they supposingly give to the guys. Throwing out all logical explanations for what the females & males in their own personal lives are good for, and sidelining the responsible men & women who actually have more or what it takes to give & build with someone or meet them on the same page.


For the past one week, all I have heard about are religious debates or gender shading, on these new release set. The truth about the truth of the matter is that 80% of these noise makers won't buy these dolls because we know how much investments such money can bring, 10% would for the male/female ego of people knowing they have such money to easily spend & the other 10% are the ones with the true religion - No noise & no time. They have already placed their orders.

*Whatever rows your boat*



Using these bots & toys might seem wrong to me but if it isn't wrong to you, it's probably not wrong. We all have different ethical values, different religion and social views. But need I point out that most times when these Foreign Research Centers make stuffs they're not quite sure about, that they may have test run on rats or whatever but not on humans yet, they make Nigeria (as the giant of Africa) aware of them so much that we begin to think we need them. But in actual sense, we are the lab rats or point break for their new invention. These bots can malfunction & become violent - computers are still idiotic machines & can get virus that would corrupt their programming.



The part that touches me the most is that I haven't seen anyone (not even these ones that claim 100% interest in AI) & our noble film script/screen writers, ask the right questions.

To the script writers • Like how do these people do all these? Write & make a futuristic/real movie, that their people work towards, till they make it physical/obsolete? We can't always be telling stories of our past & present. We can create films based on how we envision our future to be, even if it doesn't happen like that. At least, people gotta hope for better things right?

To the AI experts or AI wannabes • Have you seen the series "Almost Human" that came out in 2013 - About a Robot who could behave & feel emotions like us? Fast forward to 2017, they  gave "Sophia" to the world.

• Have you seen the series "Humans" that came out in 2015 - About robots called "Synths?" Every set made had one unique function to its group. An house help, a sex worker, pool dancers, kids, miners, etc. They said they would take over the world in the movie sha but that's not my problem. But Fast forward to 2017, we have an advanced sex bots and suddenly, Nigerians that always claim "busy to help their friends" are no longer busy as we thought.


Back to the AI geeks/aspirants, none of y'all have made a post about the level of microcontrollers, sensors, servos, end effectors, Basic or C programmings, their ROS, their availability & all it might have taken to achieve that?

I can recall when a friend of mine wanted to make an all purpose remote for his final year project - To find some parts for it were some weeks' battle.


Can we achieve that?

It shouldn't necessarily be a sex bot though that our vision should carry (let's leave those ones for people whose economy & nation's development are stable for now, and can afford to make other things they haven't created yet.... After all, no one works harder than the devil. But we can afford to have more robots for the hard works like mining & in refineries and not just be thinking on the next plan to put all our money back into growing some other country's economy.


We should see the depth of things & other perspectives once in a many while. We can't be giving so much time to the minor wars, later when the major wars like 2019 presidential election starts - these politicians would just be seeing the youths as puppies barking. Imagine if David spent all his selected stones on killing all the philistines' soldiers instead of "Goliath." Most times, spend small energy for minor wars, so you have reserves for the major ones.


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