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Reasons Why Being Friend-Zoned May not be Such a Bad Thing
By Jane Nneoma

Friend zones are not really a bad thing as most men would think. Not every relationship starts off with the usual toasting - that’s almost a boring cliché. And not all friend zones translates to a terrible rejection. There are parts of being friend-zoned that does rock. 

1. Being in the friend zone improves your confidence and comfort level with women. This is particularly true if you don’t have much experience with the opposite sex. This can make future dates less awkward and more successful.

2. You’ve got more opportunities to meet new women. You can grow your pool of dating prospects by meeting more women through your lady friend. Whether it’s her friends or friends’ friends, the friend zone is an untapped resource of new women just waiting to be discovered.

3. She could be your partner in crime. When you’re seeking mischief and need a partner, a friend zone buddy can be the Bonnie to your Clyde.

4. Welcome to free dating and relationship advice. Having a female friend allows you to get an exclusive glimpse into the feminine mind, as well as how they view dating and relationships. She can provide unsolicited relationship advice and this can be less embarrassing and more effective than asking your bro squat for help.

5. You can work on your emotions. Painful pasts or skeletons buried deep within your closet may make it difficult for you to open up. A female friend can provide a safe harbor for these emotions and enables you to practice de-stressing.

6. There’s no waiting game. Waiting for that text, call or Facebook message can be excruciating. But being friend-zoned alleviates the pressure of if or when they’ll respond to you reaching out. Sure, it’s annoying when a buddy doesn’t reply to you right away, but the anticipation of waiting on a crush is much more ulcer-inducing. 

7. You’ll learn what qualities you want in a partner. Spending an insane amount of time with a girl who isn’t shy to show all of herself because your relationship is platonic is a smart way to see the characteristics of a woman that you are, and aren’t, attracted to. 

8. Honesty is the best policy. Because her goal isn’t to entice you in order to date you, a female sidekick will lay out the truth for you in ways that you may not be familiar with. 

9. There’s always the possibility of more. There’s never a guarantee that the relationship will stay within the platonic borders. The idea that it can grow into something more exciting can be super enticing.[Stephanie]

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