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President Buhari Arrives Kano for a 2-Days Official Visit
By Jane Nneoma

Buhari has arrived in Kano State for a 2 days Officila visit to the state. The people of Kano State hostedĀ  a large receptive parade on his behalf, from the airport to his destination. The preparation to receive President Buhari has taken nothing less than a week of intensiveĀ  combing of the states and gathering enough cheer-leaders who share in the President's Vision.

Twitter is on its usual rambling, on whether or not the President would commission anything in Kano State like President Goodluck Jonathan supposingly did or not.

Some people have proven to be loyal fans to the President and have taken to their twitter handle to promote the President good image with the #PMB hashtag.

And in what looks like a constructive PR or maybe its truly happening, his delegates have stated quiet some things he has already commissioned and report has it that he just came into Kano state this morning.

Why the online criticism and appraisal is going on, we do hope he would introduce N-Power to the youths in Kano State too, before he leaves on the 8th of December, 2017 (Next tomorrow).

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