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How wrong is it to make a Video during Alms Giving?
By Jane Nneoma

So I was on my way to meet up with some friends at the Ola Ndi Igbo 2017, held 2 days ago. My tired self needed some rest from my trip but I had to drag myself off my bed because of my friends I made get tickets for an event I almost ended up not attending.

Well.... So I got on this bus that had more youths than old people in it and one thing led to the other, social media charity famzii came up. Most of the passengers felt it was unnatural & hypocritical to give alms & take videos or snapshots of it. Some were of the opinion that it was all for the likes & followers online, for others to actually think you are a good person. Some argued it was genuine regardless.

I was calm & attentive - that was my usual self when I am in a group where everyone have something to say - I listen & observe. The next thing I heard the man behind me say was, "nke nwanyi, I choro ikwu anything." I smiled and said mba, don't worry. I want to just listen."

The thing was I had what to say but I was too tired for the usual bigotry that is common with our country people. Lol. 

In my opinion, Truth is relative and often times, most people believe in what they want to believe or what it looks like to them, than what things really are. Life is with no law but that of gravity & friction, we made up the rest and we defined how we felt things should be; what's right, what's wrong, what's true, what's false, what's good, what's bad - and there are all for the best as long as it favours us. We judge people from what we think & then, we judge ourselves from our intentions and motives. Lol

When @UNICEF, @UN, @USAID, @SFH and @MercyShips give alms and make videos or snapshots of them, our love for foreign things somehow lets us see the good motives behind it but when it’s our own NGOs or people, the case is said to be “hypocritical.”

You see @williamsuchemba, @kokunfoundation and the rest of them....

I really don’t see anything wrong with the social media trumpet. The problem we have in this country is that majority of us tend to interpret things negatively. We criticize a lot of things that we may not even do better at.

They talked about slavery in Libya, every Nigerian was of the opinion it was inhumane, wrong, yada yada and we blamed the government we all voted in when cash exchanged hands, but the minute someone asked a question – what if we all donate N100 to bring back the rest of our brothers & sisters in Libya, the comments changed. People started making jokes out of it – some said what is their own when they are here trying to make some cash, some even asked if they were the ones that told them to move to Libya in the first place. It doesn’t take a lot of energy to know that we have a big problem as a people and in the way some of us see things and people.

You see those cameras & videos….

Don't bother about the show. Do your own reality TV where you are helping a person in need if you want - but at least, let us get the message they are trying to pass and help people. Help people & video yours but at least, Help People! lol. Really, that’s all that counts.

Once every year, I watch @adaorambelu start her #payingitforward. I remember the movie I first saw of that and how powerful it is to give and it motivates me. Let’s talk about the #art4acause that happens worldwide and in Lagos.... Following them online can make you want to give back to charity.

How can people even have a problem with that?

I don't mind a video of anyone giving alms as long as the needy still gets to go home with the gift items & money - not even my problem if it was for social or political campaign. At least, someone is giving and someone’s family just got their daily bread and that's all that counts. Lol.

See…. Life is simple, people. I dunno why we celebrate the unnecessary things like #dickchallenge #nohandschallenge #prankchallenge #nomakeupchallenge and the moment someone reminds us of the important stuff - #givechallenge, we feel they are just showing off.

Knowing my country people to a greater extent, I know that this very act would be taken positively & negatively. Positive goes to say – people will start being more charitable & less self absorbed but negatively – a lot of people would start coming out into the streets claiming 150% poor, hungry and the rest and the ones that have been helped, might still come back for more…. And the ones, who have been moved to give a hand, would be discouraged.

But really, what can be done to help people off the street? And before we say “empowerment,” what about those that have been offered that but they refused it? I know of a guy who said he prefers to wipe car windscreens at traffic jams than go to school or learn a skill. I tried so hard not to look surprised when he went further to explaining how he was already an entrepreneur doing that and doesn’t want to give it up.

But really - How bad can the videos really be if it still goes a long way to motivate some people into giving? How many people do know we have nursing homes and not just orphanages in Nigeria? How else can we be reminded that such people still do exist if not through the media that have the entire world on it?


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