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Group Counters I Go Dye's Comment On Atiku Abubakar
By Chisom Winnifred

If you've not been living under a rock the better part of this week, then you must have read the page long message and advice that comedian 'I go dye' had for the former vice president of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar on Monday December 4th 2017. Just in case you missed it, read HERE

A group known as 'Atiku Connect' has however countered the words of the comedian terming it a 'comic relief'.  

Here is an  excerpts from the post below

Click here to read the full post. Atiku Connect

The comedian has since replied the group; he said,

The Service to humanity comes first,in deeds, not in words alone; but through verifiable actions and not by trying so hard to contradict the truth.Please,Empathy should not be misconstrued. The analogy of presupposing " echoes of oneself" to conceal the truth,is laughable and would be adjudged a crime against clear conscience and the goodwill of grace; that is divinely bestowed on someone who has attained greatness. 
Unknowingly,the passive and direct actions of a few, has murdered sleep in the land called Nigeria ,hence i only reflected the pains and plights of those truly affected .
I spoke not in defence of the youths alone,but most importantly for the sake of our children,those innocent kids that we walk to nursery schools today,who will continue to suffer the same harsh reality,if we all remain speechless .
Today I speak,not because I am a comedian, not because i am so strong,neither am I born with an infinite knowledge of good and evil,but I reflected on the countless pains in the heart of many,whose tears have drained.
I believe it's right for us to make unconditional sacrifices for humanity,by just been our our brother's keeper.
The truth must be told,I am not in confrontation with any anyone,but my soul is restless with the present reality as a black man. Amb Francis Agoda

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