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Pastor Tony Rapu gives Banky W Marriage Advice
By Jane Nneoma

Pastor of This Present HouseTony Rapu, who officiated at Banky W and Adesua Etomi‘s wedding has given Banky some solid marriage advice.

Sharing on Instagram a photo of himself at the wedding, Pastor Rapu wrote:

Dear Son,

These days many women are independent and quite successful in their own right . But always remember that even the most independent and successful woman wants the man she loves to love, honor and cherish her. To honour means to hold her in high regard and treat her like the lady she is. Make it clear to her that she is secured. She needs to know she’s worthy of your love and care. Give her your undivided attention and let her know she’s the most important thing in your life. Remember that the little things you do for her every day matter. Do remember to pray with her and for her on a regular basis.

Love you both very much.

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