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Denmark Apologises to Ghana over Slave Trade
By Jane Nneoma

Denmark has officially apologized to Ghana for the active role it played during the slave trade era. A delegation from the Danish government being led by the Queen Margrethe II is in Ghana on an official visit.


The Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen who is part of the delegation described the slave business as “sinful” which must never be entertained.

“We share a dark history of slave trade; it is sinful and an unforgivable part of any history. Nothing can justify it, the expectations of men, women and children, in which Denmark took part,” Mr Samuelsen noted at a joint press conference with his Ghanaian counterpart Shirley Ayorko Botchway.

“Nothing can justify it,” He stressed.


On her part, Ghana’s Foreign Minister Mrs Botchway briefed the media about what the two countries are doing to deal with the issue of illegal migration.

“Illegal migration and its associated challenges have been receiving lots of attention in the past few years. We deliberated on the underlining causes such as poverty, pervasive youth unemployment, the proliferation of conflict and endemic instability in parts of our continent,” she revealed.


She added: “We decided to work together towards stemming the tide of illegal migration, particularly the activities of human traffickers. At the same time we are committed to tackling the root causes of mass migration.”

The Danish delegation later moved into a high profile meeting with President Akufo-Addo. The Queen is in Ghana with 38 Danish companies.

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