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5 Ways to Spend and Save Money:
By Jane Nneoma

Money is the oil to a stress-free Life. It is the reason why we wake up early everyday and sleep late at night. Money can dissolve more quickly than it is made except when properly managed. Saving & Budgeting is not as easy as the quotes make it appear to be. You need the application of the same principles you used for making it, in saving it too. The Holiday is by the corner, so in the spirit of Christmas, here are 5 ways to spend and save money:

Set Aside Some Cash:

Ever heard of piggy or wooden box saving? It’s almost a habit we forget all the time. The stacking of all those little amounts our uncles and aunts would usually give us during every visit. Learn to put aside little amounts everyday from your wallet or pocket; maybe N200 to N1000 every new day. You will be surprised by how much you would make out of these little savings by the end of a month or 6 months or a year if you decide to keep it so.

Invest in People’s Businesses:

Stop keeping all your cash in the bank. Make some investments into other people’s businesses. Not just any business let it be a business that shows the potential of lasting for a long time. Agree on the payment process. You would be amazed how much this can make for you.

Pay a Visit to Your Bank:

Pay a visit to your bank manager. Ask for saving programs or promos that is currently running. There are also programs that enables you spend to save. Find out what to cut out from; too much alerts and debits that goes uncounted.

Collect Your Balances:

Don’t be too frugal or a shrewd but you need to start collecting all your balances. The keke driver has no N10 balance to give you, God will provide for him to do that. Don't feel guilty or weird having to wait a little for those little amounts. Put yourself in the position of not having enough transport fare on you. 90% of bus drivers won’t collect N1 less transport fare from you. Imagine how much you would make overtime, if you stack up those entire little sum.

Make a Budget:

There is this popular budget rule known as “the 50/20/30 budget rule.” This translates to dividing your monthly cash into 3 parts, especially as the breadwinner or just as an individual who needs to learn how to budget. It goes to say 50% of your cash goes into paying for essential bills, 20% goes into improving your financial health (investments) and 30% goes into your personal living (things you need to buy to live good & healthy).

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