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5 Things You Can Relate to Easterners
By Jane Nneoma

The Easterners are known for a lot of things, both good and bad... Same goes for every tribe, ethnic, country, continent and race. We taking them bit by bit, so here you have them, the 5 distinct things you can relate with Easterners. 


The Easterners are people of perfection. They don’t always throw parties every day, but when there’s an event, there’s always a process, a way the event planner wants it to be, and a way everyone makes it be. It’s not about wedding event particularly, but any hangout, business deals, proposals, receipts, quotations, etc. Everything must be on point, especially if it’s a contract job.

They are everywhere:

There’s no place you can go, literally, physically, magically, by whatever means, that you wouldn’t meet someone from the East. I guess when history said they were descendants of Hebrews, this is what they meant. The easterners are great travelers. They are living in every part of Nigeria, in Africa and all over the world. Don’t be surprised if you ever meet an Easterner, living on an exotic cabin boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Sadly, Ritual:

When it comes to the love of money, they are still leading. While most believe in Business and Entrepreneurship, some believe in the quick roll in of cash. While some states have successfully kicked them off the pyramid of witchcraft & cultism (I am not calling any names. lol – I think they know themselves), ritual crafts are popular in the east. While some ritualists have seasons like Easter & Xmas, others are all weather ready to operate.

Lavish Burials:

The Easterners spend lavishly on Burials. Before you think all well about this, it is safe to say they do that mostly in Burials. Sometimes, they hoard money so much; they don’t spend much on themselves or on people till their death (few would disagree with this but it’s almost the truth). They usually tag it to giving the dead a burial, befitting for a legend…. Which is great but I do think if the dead had that amount of money given to them when alive, to live a stress free life or enjoy some few years of travelling, they would be more grateful and won’t even mind being buried without all the millions (I know I would prefer the later).

Profit Bound:

Most like everything with extra cash or gain attached to it. Most Easterners barely assemble for any gathering, just to have fun. Call an Easterner to show up some place, first thing most of them would ask is if there’s something coming out and what’s in it for them. This is absolutely why most top entrepreneurs can’t host many things in the East that would require the youths to just turn up, have fun, connect and exchange ideas. Everything for most is just about the cash or nothing…. Like where do you just turn up without offering a value and money turns up magically? How can money ever trump connection? Connection can bring you money, but money can't bring you connection.

All these applies to a whole lot of people outside the East but the aye in the East is more.

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