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10 Things You Need to Know Before Sending Your CV through Electronic Mails
By Jane Nneoma

If you have been sending CVs for a long time now online and you haven't been getting feedbacks, it might be because you are doing it all wrong. These are ten tips to take into consideration when next you are applying for a job through an electronic mail. These ten tips may be the reason why you are not getting a response of acceptance or no vacancy. Here are the ten tips below:

  1. Don’t send an empty mail with your CV attachment. Anyone can engineer a CV with qualifications and to any level of education they want and most times, people pay to have their CV written for them and organizations know that. A message body directly describing yourself, how you heard about them and why you are interested in working with the organization would be perfect. Not only can they tell you can write complete sentences & spell but if it’s a Bot review system they are using, then you need to be on the safe side.
  2. Don’t send your CV through your phone. A lot of people who work in these organizations you apply to, pay attention to some details you might not see as necessary. Most people can use a phone, but only few can use a computer. We are in the digital age and they want to know you are a computer literate without having to ponder too much about it. Using your phone would come off as you are not that serious in working for them.
  3. Don’t sound too official or too amateur. It’s a job application, not a press release or a journal article. Find a mark between coming off official & active, and stick to that. They want to know the business and personal side of you, not a tailored profile of you.
  4. Be mindful of Cc & Bcc. These are usually found on top of a mail, when creating one. Cc means Carbon Copy and Bcc means Blind Carbon Copy. You can use any of them however you choose to, but it would be great to note that using Bcc when sending a mail to a group of people would prevent those people from seeing who & who you sent that particular mail to but Cc doesn’t do that.
  5. Have a Cover Letter to go with your CV. Your cover letter is basically the lettered format of your CV, without the titles and qualifications. It’s more of who you are, how competent you are and why you chose to apply to that particular company.
  6. Have a proper subject title for the mail. It should be the title of the job you are applying for. Keep it short & simple as possible and straight to the point.
  7. Make proper research about the company, what it does, the CEO and the role you are applying for. The visual popular representation of this can be seen in beauty pageantry. Most of the times, you hear questions directed to some models on stage about the organization hosting the beauty contest or the name of the MD or CEO of the foundation sponsoring the pageantry they are currently contesting for and 6 out of 10 people would fail that particular test. This is a huge turn-off for the organizers. Your mail should have that knowledge with it and so do you, in case they invite you for an interview.
  8. Your CV and Cover letter should be in a PDF format. Thousands of CV gets submitted for every vacancy. You know how bored you get writing and submitting CV upon CV? Well, HR Personnels get bored reading all of that. Anything written and saved in PDF format, remains the same way you wrote and arranged it when opened in most medium and in the case where it’s a Bot that has programmed to read CVs for the company, it would be great to remember the first thing science said about computer – it is an idiotic machine. It can only execute as programmed.
  9. Attach your picture to the mail if it’s not already included in your CV. This can sometimes be overlooked but a picture still bears a thousand words. It won’t be used to judge you or anything, but it feels great to be able to put a face to the name on the CV & achievements.
  10. Use a proper mail address. A mail address can still say a thing or two about you. You can’t be applying for a job with “ or We know you are all of that and no one can take it away from you but for the sake of getting that job you’ve always wanted, you might consider a mail that bears your real names.


Good Luck!!!!

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