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Updated: ESUT SUG President, 2 Others Expelled for Embezzling 3 Million Naira.
By Chisom Winnifred

It’s no longer news that the SUG president of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) mister Eze Victor Uchenna has been expelled from the school for allegedly embezzling the sum of three million naira (N3M) from the student union account.  The president alongside the treasurer, Ugwu Augustine Emeka and the Financial Secretary Osogwu Valentine Amechi allegedly co-plotted to withdraw the money from the account to share it amongst themselves without the knowledge of the school authorities.

The three (N3) million was illegally withdrawn and shared, while another bank account was  opened with a forged document and forged letter of authority from the management. We have gotten an inside story from a trusted source, and this was what actually what went down. According to the source; the SUG president, His Financial secretary and treasurer opened a dollar account for the student body during the start of their tenure as student body executives and were among the signatories to the account.

They recently visited the bank and withdrew 3 million naira without the consent of the school authorities or the other executives in the SUG.  They were about to enrich themselves before handing over and would have probably been serving their nation now as corp members if not for the recent strike.

The problem started when SUG president, because of his greediness wanted to play the smart game, he requested the governing body of the Anti cult division of the school to arrest his colleagues on cult charges and claimed they took his money (which he claimed was 950k at the time. Unfortunately for him, the case was properly investigated by the Anti cult together with the school parliament and they found out that the three of them actually looted 3 million naira from the student body account but the president was not willing to share.

However, the Vice Chancellor on Friday 6th October suspended the President, Treasurer and Financial Secretary from the Union and Academic activities as well and mandated them to refund all looted funds from the union. The parties involved have agreed to do so.


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