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Chinecherem Lawrencia : What Your Attitude Got To Do With Your Relationship
By Obinna Okenesi

          Your relationship does not require your outwards looks, your fluency in English, your pride, your class. A successful relationship requires your humility and your understanding. To crown it all it requires a good attitude because your attitude is everything. Your attitude reflects you, everybody has an attitude but the question you should ask yourself is does my attitude propel me along?, does it help me overcome obstacles?, does it help me deal with the challenges of life (that is the challenges in your relationship)?, does it help you accomplish your goals in your relationships? Or does your attitude slow you down or stops you entirely?

Our attitude affect everything we do including our relationship, we have had the story of the 10 virgins. The 5 virgins that had with them extra oil and the other 5 virgins without extra oil. The extra oil here is your attitude, both the women and the men .what attitude do you have?

GUYS! Make your woman feel loved and you will get the best of her , always lift your woman up and remind her that no other woman is her level  in your eyes. She should not feel like she is in a competition with any other woman for you attention. THAT`S AN ATTITUDE! Do not get too busy, create out time for her. Build an attitude of listening, the reason God put you in that position is for you to listen to your woman because there is no one else there to listen to her. Build an attitude of respect because no matter how little a woman is, she deserves to be respected. Build an attitude of understanding because no one else will understand her if you don`t. Build an attitude of care because she cherishes that a lot.

LADIES! : Behind every successful man there is a strong woman THAT’S THE ATTITUDE. God created the woman to support the man but in our today’s world our women are not supporting our men, some women are just after the money some do not even care to know the source of this income. My dear ladies when you are so dependent on a man he sees you as a liability, and no man will want to end up with such woman. So create that attitude of hard work, believe me he will fall in love with you over and over again.

In conclusion, two good attitudes make a good and successful relationship, your attitude affects everything you do including your relationship.

About the writer 

Chinecherem Lawrencia Ogbu is currently studying Biology and Computer science education at the Enugu state  college of education technical. She loves travelling, reading, listening to inspirational talks and writing.

Reach out to her via tuk2neche on instagram, Lawrencia Chinecherem on facebook or

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Attitude makes or destroy a person completely. When someone has the right attitude, everything will be falling into supposed places. I like this piece of article, more of it please.

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