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Men's Fashion Tip : 4 Things Every Man Should Know About Wearing Socks
By Winifred Chisom

I’ve noticed that most men don’t pay attention to their socks and how they wear it which is wrong, a well-dressed man is dressed from the head down to his socks.

“Socks may be the least clothing accessory in a man’s wardrobe, the lowest number of clothing accessories that most men have is the socks but a man that wants to be highly fashionable should pay attention to the fashion side of socks as well”. What most men don’t know is that the sock forms a huge part of their fashion as bad socks can render all your dressing useless.

Below are some things every man should know about wearing socks

Never wear torn socks: “A lot of men have socks that are torn and if for any reason you get to pull off your shoes, it would be embarrassing; wearing good socks would boost your confidence and good socks matched with quality dressing, you just have that reassurance that you are okay and that’s confidence at work”.

Your socks should match your trousers: “This is one rule every man must follow when it comes to wearing socks, a pair of socks that are differently coloured from your trouser would make you look annoyingly weird, wear all the designer labels you can in the world, if you disobey this rule you would just look like an expensive jerk.; you can match socks with your outfit ensemble”.

Ankle-length socks are the most suitable: “There are three common lengths of men socks; low-cut sport, ankle-length, and knee-length socks but the most fashionable of the three are the ankle-length socks, the low-cut socks can be awkward sometimes and the knee-length can as well look too sporty and unnecessary long on some occasions but the ankle-length socks is always fashionable for every occasion”.

Sock formation:Most men aren’t aware of this as they wear different kinds of socks with any attire and this is fashion suicide, athletic socks should go with athletic shoes, cotton striped and patterned socks can go with casual sneakers and casual leather shoes; wearing socks with any kind of wear isn’t fashionable and is a blunder fashion-wise”.


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