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Kemi Adetiba Dreams Big : Ive Given Myself 2 To 5 Years To Win An Oscar
By chisom nwani

 The talented video director of  the highly successful movie The Wedding Party, had an interview with CNN African Voices where she revealed quite a lot about her career, her ambitions, and future plans.In the episode of CNN's African Voices

which will air today, Kemi revealed that one of her goals for the future is to win an Oscar. She went on to give a time frame within which the ambitious goal will be achieved. She said: "I honestly do believe that winning an Oscar is going to come very

soon; I’ve given myself two to five years."Kemi Adetiba has been in the industry for over 15 years, starting out as a Radio personality to a TV personality, toDJing, before working behind the camera as a director of music vidoes, short films,

commercial campaigns, documentaries, and now movies. Explaining why she decided to go behind the camera, she said:"I was questioning my longevity in front of the camera. I'd also find it intriguing when I would go off for shoots with the

cameramen. I said 'Instead of just wasting a couple of years, how about I learn a new craft while I’m doing that? What is the thing that I want to learn now? What is the thing that will take my career to the next level? - being a director.'"Speaking of her

 work ethics and how far it has brought her, she said: "The greatest thing you can do for yourself is every time you have the opportunity to handle someone’s project, knock it out the park, and that is what I live by every day."


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