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Funke Lasisi, a Dental Therapist with Federal Dental Technology, Enugu, has cautioned against the use of hard toothbrush, saying it can cause gum recession and damage the teeth. Lasisi told newsmen in Enugu on Thursday that hard toothbrush caused abrasion on the teeth due to pressure applied while brushing.

According to her, hard toothbrush causes mechanical wearing away of the teeth due to method of brushing. “It causes gum recession, thereby making the gum to go above normal level and exposes part of the tooth that ordinarily should not be exposed. “In the long run, you have shocking sensation on your teeth when you drink liquid or expose your teeth to breeze,” she said. Lasisi recommended toothbrush with soft texture for children and the aged and medium texture for adults. She explained that many people were ignorant of their oral health, pointing out that the mouth was the gateway to the body. The therapist stressed the need for people to visit a dentist twice a year or every six months to take care of their oral health. She added that “taking sweet things in excess like chocolates, sweets and carbohydrate damage the teeth unless you brush your teeth immediately after consumption to prevent decay. She also warned against using the teeth to open bottles, “Which some people do occasionally, as it cracks the teeth and makes them sensitive.”

Lasisi said dental therapy was a branch of dentistry that prevented tooth decay from occurring through scaling and polishing to remove biofilms and deposits from oral cavity. She noted that dental therapists should educate people on how to cater for their teeth and maintain oral hygiene.


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Aliko Dangote the President and Chief Executive of Dangote Industries Limited has been adjudged for the seventh year in a row,  the richest man in Africa with a net worth that Forbes pegged at $12.2bn for 2017. That was an increase of $100m from a year earlier.

Dangote is looking beyond cement – his most valuable asset – and has been investing in a fertiliser production company and a large oil refinery. Dangote Fertiliser is expected to start operations in the second quarter of this year,” Forbes stated.

Dangote was recently the only African selected among Bloomberg’s world 50 best persons in the year 2017.

While the names of notable Nigerians were dropped from the billionaires’ list, Globacom Chairman, Mike Adenuga, with a net worth of $5.8bn, was adjudged the fifth richest man in Africa and Folorunsho Alakija, also a Nigerian, whose estimated $1.6bn fortune is in oil exploration, was adjudged as the 15th richest person on the continent.

Number two on the list of Africa’s richest people is diamond mining heir, Nicky Oppenheimer of South Africa, with a net worth of $7.7bn, up $700m from last year. Oppenheimer is one of eight South Africans on the list, making it the country with the most billionaires in Africa. Nigeria has three.

In 2016, South Africa and Egypt tied with six billionaires each. Boosting the South African ranks in the latest ranking is a newcomer, Michiel Le Roux, the founder and former chairman of Johannesburg-listed Capitec Bank Holdings, whose stock has climbed more than 50 per cent in the past year, making him worth $1.2bn.

South African mining tycoon, Desmond Sacco, chairman of the Assore Group, returns to the list following a stock price surge of some 60 per cent in the past 12 months. Sacco last appeared as a billionaire on the Africa’s richest list in 2012 with a $1.4bn fortune.

Zimbabwe gets its first billionaire in 2017 as telecom magnate, Strive Masiyiwa, who chairs the Econet Group, got on the list. Shares of Zimbabwe-listed mobile phone network Econet Wireless Zimbabwe have surged in value over the past year; Masiyiwa owns more than half of that company. He also has a majority stake in fibre optic firm, Liquid Telecom, which raised $700m in a bond offering in July 2017. Forbes estimates Masiyiwa’s net worth at $1.7bn.

Two of the 23 listed African billionaires are women, unchanged from 2016. Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of Angola’s former President, Jose Santos, is worth an estimated $2.7bn, down from $3.2bn in 2016, according to Forbes. Her net worth dropped in part due to a lower value for Banco BCI,as its book value plunged in 2016 amid a tough year for the oil- producing country.


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According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook plans to initiate major changes to news feed from media and businesses to focus on personal interactions, which may lead to people spending less time on the website.

“As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.

“The public content you see more will be held to the same standard — it should encourage meaningful interactions between people,” Mark Zuckerberg wrote.

The chief executive said the Facebook community has complained of a hike in the numbers of public posts on the social network in the past two years, which has been “crowding out” the personal moments.

It would take months to introduce the changes, Zuckerberg said in the post, adding he expected people to spend less time on Facebook and some other types of engagement to go down.

The end result, he said, will likely be good for the business in the long term.



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Nobody is exactly happy with the current state of Nigeria, especially with the fulani herdsmen killings. Singer skales however took to his twitter page to express his concern;


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Do you remember a post on 26th of December, about a commercial bus cutting off the leg of a little girl following brake failure in Abakpa market Enugu? The young girl, who was crossing the road with her mum, got hit by a reckless driver, rendering much damage to one of her legs.

One of our writers Ebere Ngwu and some of her friends visited the little girl at the hospital with this update;


Hello everybody. At this moment @ammyflawless and I would love to use this opportunity to thank everybody who has contributed to the well fair of this little girl. Either by giving, reposting, broadcasting, calling, visiting etc. We say a Big Thank you. 
This is a rundown of the recent developments, I feel you all need to know since you've shown an act of care. You are entitled to every information.
Yesterday we visited the girl, I and a group of students from UNEC, thanks to @rachy_fidel. The little girl is doing very fine. Like I said in my previous post she's a very brave and Lively girl. After a chit chat with her father, according to him the doctors wanted to amputate the leg close to her thighs but they refused which led the doctors to cut from the part the leg broke, after some days it started affecting her, they went back and cut from below her knee, which was a dangerous act, after few days again they went back and finally heeded to the doctor's advice. For disobeying the doctor and going somewhere else to do the first operation the doctor had to charge them double before doing the last operation. A charge of N242, 000. Note, this payment is not the final hospital charge, it's like a deposit, thus after her treatment they will give them the final bill. Only God knows how much that one will cost. Please let's keep giving. Nothing is too small. Let's help this old man. 
Her dad's phone number: 08038779292

 Account number: 3085400028

Account name: Augustine Anymalu

Bank: First bank

 Hospital: Mother of Christ hospital Holy Ghost. 

This post is to solicit for funds on their behalf. Nothing is too big or too small. Even after the treatment they need money to sustain themselves. Even if you don’t have funds, visit them. Repost. If you have friends you think can help, reach out to them.

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Earlier this year, I made a post that didn't sit well with a lot of people. I captioned it; 'Eastern OAPs Lack Personal Branding'.

I didn't do it out of spite, I just felt our south east OAPs could do better. I'm really happy and proud that on the last day of 2017, I'm making a post about south east OAPs with outstanding personal brands. This is to say congratulations to the OAPs that made us proud.

Vanessa Willie:

Vanessa is a certified marriage mentor and relationship coach. She is the host of ‘The Talk with Vanessa’ on 92.5 Enugu’s DreamFm. She hit a milestone this year as the first female south east OAP to successfully hold a campus tour. She visited the Enugu State University of Science and Technology ESUT and the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus UNEC. She went alongside media experts and educated students on the necessity of social media, mastering the discipline of your talent, fighting addictions and using social media for positive change.  

With support from major brands in Nigeria such as Airtel Nigeria, Spar, Nazmine media, Bellanaija,, DreamFM, Mtouch multimedia, Hustle intelligence, Urban Radio, Karibi Designs she awarded scholarships and  over N200,000 worth of shopping voucher to students. 



The fabulos Gloria brand has literally been on 'fire' throughout 2017. Currently working as the Head of News and Current Affairs department in 92.5 Enugu’s DreamFm, FabulosGloria’s career in the media spans over 12 years having worked in four media houses to date.

She launched her website February this year, and has since grown from strength to strength.

Being the most followed south east OAP on social media, fabulous Gloria was nominated and won ‘On Air Personality of the Year’ at the All Youths TUSH Awards 2017.


The Party Animals:

 The Party Animals is a performing duo made up of DreamFm OAP/Hypeman Marcswagz and Dream Fm DJ, DJ Rain . Together they are the hosts of the hit Music show #DreamLounge . They both decided to fuse their individual brands and create the Unprecedented Duo called the “Party Animals”.

The bright side is that they have an off-air presence! Earlier in July, they released their Debut single featuring Jaywillz of Hauze27 titled “Bring it Back”, produced by Dash.

They recently held a campus tour that kicked off at the Enugu state university of science and technology and moved the party to the University of Nigeria Nsukka. They held a carnival to round up the year at La’nueva. The Party Animals are definitely a duo you should look out for n 2018.

That’s all I have. Who did I leave out?? 


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So I was on my way to meet up with some friends at the Ola Ndi Igbo 2017, held 2 days ago. My tired self needed some rest from my trip but I had to drag myself off my bed because of my friends I made get tickets for an event I almost ended up not attending.

Well.... So I got on this bus that had more youths than old people in it and one thing led to the other, social media charity famzii came up. Most of the passengers felt it was unnatural & hypocritical to give alms & take videos or snapshots of it. Some were of the opinion that it was all for the likes & followers online, for others to actually think you are a good person. Some argued it was genuine regardless.

I was calm & attentive - that was my usual self when I am in a group where everyone have something to say - I listen & observe. The next thing I heard the man behind me say was, "nke nwanyi, I choro ikwu anything." I smiled and said mba, don't worry. I want to just listen."

The thing was I had what to say but I was too tired for the usual bigotry that is common with our country people. Lol. 

In my opinion, Truth is relative and often times, most people believe in what they want to believe or what it looks like to them, than what things really are. Life is with no law but that of gravity & friction, we made up the rest and we defined how we felt things should be; what's right, what's wrong, what's true, what's false, what's good, what's bad - and there are all for the best as long as it favours us. We judge people from what we think & then, we judge ourselves from our intentions and motives. Lol

When @UNICEF, @UN, @USAID, @SFH and @MercyShips give alms and make videos or snapshots of them, our love for foreign things somehow lets us see the good motives behind it but when it’s our own NGOs or people, the case is said to be “hypocritical.”

You see @williamsuchemba, @kokunfoundation and the rest of them....

I really don’t see anything wrong with the social media trumpet. The problem we have in this country is that majority of us tend to interpret things negatively. We criticize a lot of things that we may not even do better at.

They talked about slavery in Libya, every Nigerian was of the opinion it was inhumane, wrong, yada yada and we blamed the government we all voted in when cash exchanged hands, but the minute someone asked a question – what if we all donate N100 to bring back the rest of our brothers & sisters in Libya, the comments changed. People started making jokes out of it – some said what is their own when they are here trying to make some cash, some even asked if they were the ones that told them to move to Libya in the first place. It doesn’t take a lot of energy to know that we have a big problem as a people and in the way some of us see things and people.

You see those cameras & videos….

Don't bother about the show. Do your own reality TV where you are helping a person in need if you want - but at least, let us get the message they are trying to pass and help people. Help people & video yours but at least, Help People! lol. Really, that’s all that counts.

Once every year, I watch @adaorambelu start her #payingitforward. I remember the movie I first saw of that and how powerful it is to give and it motivates me. Let’s talk about the #art4acause that happens worldwide and in Lagos.... Following them online can make you want to give back to charity.

How can people even have a problem with that?

I don't mind a video of anyone giving alms as long as the needy still gets to go home with the gift items & money - not even my problem if it was for social or political campaign. At least, someone is giving and someone’s family just got their daily bread and that's all that counts. Lol.

See…. Life is simple, people. I dunno why we celebrate the unnecessary things like #dickchallenge #nohandschallenge #prankchallenge #nomakeupchallenge and the moment someone reminds us of the important stuff - #givechallenge, we feel they are just showing off.

Knowing my country people to a greater extent, I know that this very act would be taken positively & negatively. Positive goes to say – people will start being more charitable & less self absorbed but negatively – a lot of people would start coming out into the streets claiming 150% poor, hungry and the rest and the ones that have been helped, might still come back for more…. And the ones, who have been moved to give a hand, would be discouraged.

But really, what can be done to help people off the street? And before we say “empowerment,” what about those that have been offered that but they refused it? I know of a guy who said he prefers to wipe car windscreens at traffic jams than go to school or learn a skill. I tried so hard not to look surprised when he went further to explaining how he was already an entrepreneur doing that and doesn’t want to give it up.

But really - How bad can the videos really be if it still goes a long way to motivate some people into giving? How many people do know we have nursing homes and not just orphanages in Nigeria? How else can we be reminded that such people still do exist if not through the media that have the entire world on it?


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Finding a compatible and suitable life partner is a huge task which every man must be careful when doing so to avoid possible regret aftermath. There exist certain mistakes men do in this process. Searching for a wife is not searching for a girlfriend. This is a lifelong business. In as much as people’s opinion differs, these are some of the found mistakes men make in searching for their missing rib:

Find for me syndrome: This is normally seen in the anti-socials or guys overseas. Your mother or whoever you asked to find a wife for you has their own preferencewhich may be different from yours. You end up marrying a stranger. They might know the lady they chose for you and probably like her but you may dislike her qualities when you guys must have married. It’s always advisable to marry your friend.

Virginity status: Most guys prefer to marry a virgin, their reasons been they are innocent and make a good home. A friend of mine of about thirty-five years of age is still unmarried only for the reason of searching for a virgin. Virginity status has nothing to do with making a good wife and a good home. Deflowered ones can also make good homes because the grounds at which they lost theirs may be justified. Rare but true-Some of our girls are virgins because they haven’t met the opportunity to have sex!

Physique/physical appearance: I wonder what some guys mean by “I am dark, I need a fair partner”, or tall partner and stuffs like that. Does that really matter? The curves and the boobs should not be your priority when choosing a wife. Uncontrolled infatuation should never lead you to marriage. Remember, it’s not girlfriend thing.

Materialism/Connection: Yes, she’s a senator’s or any of the billionaire’s daughter but is she good for you? Are you just coming for her money or connection through her family? Bro! Think twice to avoid story that touch later on. Materialism should not lead you to your early grave!

Educational status:When you met her, she was fluent in speech, clever and smart. She has qualities but you started losing interest when you learnt she’s yet to attend a higher institution of learning. Brother, since you love her why not sponsor her academics before or after the wedding? Who even told you that school is a place for wife molding?

Background/Religious/cultural differences: You left your girlfriend only for the reason that she’s a Muslim or Christian; for a girl within your religious belief that you don’t actually love. Or probably, you learnt she’s from one of those villages demanding higher bride price. Bro, you can do it if you really love her and want to marry her.

Family members’ preference: Considering the choice of any member of your family when choosing your life partner may lead you to the wrong path. That you are bringing her into the family doesn’t make her theirs. She’s yours!

In a hurry/quick search: Most men are always in a hurry when searching for a wife as if the time is crouching up on them. I wonder what they have been doing with their lives all along.They end up having very brief or no courtship. Most times, men end up marrying the wrong girl who must have hidden her weaknesses and bad qualities.

I think it’s better to know your wife better than anyone else before marriage. It is advisable to marry your friend which she must have been in the process of your dating/courtship. Don’t make mistake in finding whom you will live or be with for the rest of your life. If you haven’t found her, relax. Don’t rush. You will eventually meet your soulmate.

About the writer

Solomon Akpa is a Young blogger and creative writer. He is currently studying Anatomy at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology

Follow him on facebook @ Solomon Akpa

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Nigeria have been docked two points for fielding an ineligible player in a World Cup qualifier against Algeria but their place at next year's finals in Russia has not been affected, FIFA said on Tuesday.

Nigeria, who had already qualified for the finals, drew 1-1 but FIFA awarded the match to Algeria by a 3-0 scoreline after the Super Eagles fielded the ineligible Abdullahi Shehu who had failed to serve a one-match ban for accumulated yellow cards.

"This sanction bears no impact on the final result of the preliminary competition for the FIFA World Cup since Nigeria had already qualified (and Algeria were eliminated) before the match took place," soccer's world governing body said in a statement.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) said on Twitter that it accepted the decision. "The NFF president (Amaju Pinnick) has directed that an internal inquiry be instituted immediately and persons found culpable be dealt with," it added.

Pinnick said: "I want to assure that persons responsible for this slip would not be given just a slap on the wrist. We are actually looking at a re-organization of the Technical Department."

Nigeria, who topped African Group B, finished on 12 points instead of 14, four clear of second-placed Zambia. Algeria still came bottom of the standings. Nigeria will face Iceland, Croatia and Argentina in their World Cup group in Russia.

East Timor had forfeited seven of the 10 games they played in the World Cup qualifiers for fielding nine players who were ineligible because of nationality. This was based on a decision previously taken by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) which has annulled 29 matches involving East Timor and barred the team from the 2023 Asian Cup. The nine players were all born in Brazil.


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The Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) sides, Sunshine Stars of Akure have prolonged the contract of their head coach Duke Udi for one year.

The former Nigeria international joined the Owena Waves from Nigeria national league club Osun United last season.

Sunshine Stars finished in 10th position in the NPFL last season.


The club said new improved deal with Udi contained a renewal clause for another year at the end of the deal in 2018.

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Famous Barcelona striker, Luis Suarez, insisted he cannot imagine former teammate Neymar moving to rivals Real Madrid due to his “admiration” for Barca.

Neymar spent four years at the Camp Nou before sensationally moving to Paris Saint-German in August for a world record 222 million euro ($264 million) fee.

However, rumours of a move back to Spain with the European champions surfaced after Neymar clashed with new strike partner and Suarez’s international teammate Edison Cavani back in September.

“No, not at all,” Suarez told Spanish sports daily Marca on Monday when asked about the prospect of Neymar moving to Madrid.

“Sincerely, I don’t see it. I know how Neymar is and the admiration that he had for Barcelona and his teammates. I don’t see him now going to play for Real Madrid.”

Along with five-time World Player of the Year Lionel Messi, Suarez and Neymar formed one of the deadliest strike forces of all-time as they won two La Liga titles and a Champions League in three seasons together.

However, despite a bitter fallout between the club and Neymar after PSG paid the Brazilian’s buyout clause, Suarez insists he has only admiration and love for his former colleague.

He said,

“Ney is now mature enough and was completely aware of the decision he took,” added Suarez.”

“I am sure it was painful because he was happy here, but we all have to accept that he had other challenges he wanted to take on.”

“It was an understandable decision that he took with his family. There is no reproach, only admiration and pure love for what he gave this club and the relationship we had during those years. No, I was an outsider. They weren’t situations that I could control.”

He said he had no role in calming tensions between Cavani and Neymar.



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