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In this interview, he spoke on the crisis bedeviled the incorporated Assemblies of God Nigeria. He said that the embattled Rev. Prof Paul Emeka remains the authentic and rightful General Superintendent of the church. Excerpts. What gave you the locus to talk on the Assemblies God Church Nigeria crisis? Firstly, being a rights activist, I have a radio programme where I advance the issues of civic responsibilities and human rights and that was how Reverend Prof. Paul Emeka called into the programme to make an enquires about his right.

I now sort an opportunity to have a conference with him so that I can enlighten him more properly order than the radio telephone line. It was when I met with him that I appreciated the gravamen of his right that was violated and he requested if I can assist him in any form not being a trained legal practitioner. I accepted to act as his attorney by being his agent to make representation because of his limited knowledge of the workings of the court and Nigerian constitution.

I accepted that responsibility and advised him that the Supreme Court struck out his suit on human right and therefore he needs to go to Federal high court to challenge their illegal action of his purported removal as a trustee of the Assemblies of God Church Nigeria and that he has to engage the services of a legal practitioner.

The fact in the issue is the matters of interpretations of the provisions of the incorporated trustees under Companies & Allied Matters Act (CAMA), and whether the control and the management of such a body can be left for all comers to the effect that the letter with which some individuals that are not members of the board of trustee have no authority under the law and under CAMA to issue such letter.

 I have a strength of authority from the decision and the findings made by the learned juris Hon. Justice Ekekere-Ekun JSC in the decision by the Supreme Court reported in Paul Emeka against Chidi Okoroafor in NWLR part 1577 at page 410 of particular note is the finding by the juris Ekekere-Ekun that the main flank that Emeka should purse is the illegal nature of the constituted illegal body that authored the letter of the 6, March 2014 and the unconstitutional act of those individuals who have no iota of authority whatsoever, to have congregated themselves in the parish to now sit in judgement against the chairman of the board of trustees of the incorporated trustees of the Assemblies of God Nigeria. That is the platform which I told my principal that he has to go to court to challenge. That the fundamental right procedure he used in initiating his original action in persona was wrong.

What the Supreme Court said in that case, Prof. Emeka you came to this court with the wrong procedure that the trial high court of Enugu didn’t have jurisdiction to even hear your matter because the issue of service was not settled which is fundamental. The Supreme Court justices agreed with the finding of the Court of Appeal as far as service is concerned and the finding that Emeka’s issue ought to be squarely on the illegal nature of the congregation that issued a letter of 6th of March, 2014 and not fundamental rights. Moreso, the Supreme Court went to admonish Emeka’s lawyer who was suing an amorphous body for the enforcement of fundamental right and consequently the court struck out Emeka’s fundamental Right which he filed in the lower court – that means Emeka can go back to court if he so desires.

It was his appeal that was dismissed for lacking in merit. The substantive action that was brought to court was not heard by either the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court because of the fundamental vice that service was improper. So Emeka has the constitution behind him to go back to court. How do you get to know the case Chidi Okoroafor filed at the Court of Appeal? On the 25th April 2018, I stumbled into a proceeding Chidi Okoroafor filed at the Court of Appeal and I described it as a divine intervention. A divine intervention because there was an appeal which I never knew about and that appeal stemmed from an injunction giving at the High Court of Enugu on 13th day of March 2014. That injunction was against Chidi Okoroafor, Rev. Dr. Vincent Alaje; Rev. Dr. Ejikeme Ejem, Rev. Dr. Godwin Amonwa, Rev. Dr. Johnson Odii & others and these were the principal actors that Emeka has brought to the Federal High Court, in suit No. FHC/EN/ CS/ 37/18. The important issue in this matter was that the action that was instituted by three main actors who were filing that action for the benefit of Emeka were Rev. Dr. Ekenedilichukwu Ofordile, Rev. Dr. Jere Onyemaechi, and Rev. Dr. Nathan Udeze. These were the people that approach the court by a write of summons.

It was not a fundamental right action neither was it an action in contract. Because these are the fundamental issues most people don’t understand and it is for the interest of the public to understand. It is an action not in fundamental right neither is it an action in contract. The claim of the parties of particular importance is the relief (e) in this proceeding I am talking about which was a suit No. E/82/2014. This action was instituted on 4th of March, 2014 and that relief was important because it was an injunction restraining the defendants in the lower court Chidi Okoroafor and Co, their agents, sponsors from removing the plaintiff’s Rev. Prof Paul Emeka from office as General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Nigeria either through impeachment, suspension or any other unlawful means whatsoever, except through an election organized by the General Council of Assemblies of God. That is the bases of the interim order of injunction in the presence of the parties, it became on notice because the defendants counsel were in court and the exact wording of the court was for all the parties to revert back to their respective positions as at 4th day of March 2014.

There is a difference in action in Persona and in Rem because a person who doesn’t understand the principal of law can tell you that Emeka’s name is not there as a party. The exception to the rules is in matters of contractual relationship when you cannot take advantage of any judgement that you are not a party in even if it was made for your benefit. This is elementary law. This action is not in Persona, it is in Rem. The injunction was to restrain the bodies of those who are lawless from taken any step in that subject matter involving the office of the GS of the Assemblies of God occupant by the legitimate occupant, Rev. Prof Paul Emeka from doing anything that will undermine the rule of law.

The honourable court haven made that decree in the presence of their lawyers, they were dissatisfied; they brought an application before that same court on 17th day of March knowing fully well that they have been banned by the order of the court but they wanted an escape route. The honourable court in a considered ruling dated the 27th day of Mach, 2014 dismissed their motion on notice where they were asking that court that it has no jurisdiction, that the action should be dismissed. It was on the basis of this two decisions against Chidi Okoroafor and his gang that they decided to go on appeal which is their right. The order made by the Honourable court was to last until the motion on notice was to heard, they were too much in a hurry, they didn’t want the motion on notice to be heard because they want to complete their criminality.
They filed two notices of appeal respectively at the Court of Appeal and to everybody’s amusement, they have filed their written addresses and brief exchanged by the parties. It is also a fact that one of the respondents who was the plaintiff at the lower court had opted out but as the case is constituted there is a respondent who is still alive and well and that respondent is Prof. Ekenedilichukwu Offordile. And what they were doing was to undermine the judicial process and Rulè of Law to hide a fundamental fact that as at the time they were sued, Rev Okoroafor was still sued as Assistant General Superintendent and that was the position as at the 4th day of March, 2014 but because of their criminal mind they took steps to approach the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with their illegal letter and made or induce them to change and remove Prof.

Paul Emeka the bonafide GS from his position as a trustee which enabled him as the general superintendent to be the chairman of the board of trustee who has all the capacity to take any decision on-behalf of the trustee. He is the only person that has a duty to protect the assets of the trusteeship. But unfortunately, was at the court of appeal when these matter was called up and I was able to obtain the certified true copies of processes they have filed in that court. They filed that processes in the court to liberate themselves from their illegalities unfortunately for them, the honourable justices of the Court of Appeal had in their own word told the counsel representing Okoroafor and his group in the presence of the counsel representing the Ekenedilichukwu Ofordile to the effect that the applicants’ notice of appeal was incompetent. It was in the same proceeding the counsel representing Okoroafor had now applied to court to enable him to go and amend the process.

So the critical issue is what is the position of Paul Emeka vis-à-vis the res before the Court of Appeal now. The position is that Okoroafor and his group are asking the Court of Appeal to set outside that order that have tired them down on the 4th of March, 2014. That is why they are in court, so for any uninformed lawyer to tell you that that action doesn’t contain the name of Prof Emeka is in fantail. It is only in contract that you can say that you cannot take advantage of judgement that is in your favour, otherwise the principles of lis pendens would be defeated. People think in vernacular. The action Nigerian Police have been taken against Paul Emeka and his group is because they were deceived by Chidi Okoroafor and co that they were the rightful occupant of the office and they can act on-behalf of the Assemblies. So as it stands today in the eyes of the law, the GS of the Assemblies of God as the order of the court presided over by Onovo J has not been set outside is Rev. Prof Paul Emeka.
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Ndidi Nwuneli, founder of Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism (LEAP) Africa, has advised Nigerians to key into the vast opportunities that abound in agriculture.

Nwuneli spoke during the weekend at “Exploit 2018,” a small and medium enterprise (SME) focused empowerment programme organised by Salem International Christian Center (SICC) in Lagos.

According to her, Nigerians tend to “box themselves in one corner” when it comes to agriculture, leaving the market for multinational companies to take over.

“When people think about agriculture they think about farming. Most of us should not go back to the farms. That is not your core competency,” she said.

“Agriculture is not just farming… agriculture is everything along the value chain- technology, financing. But the biggest value is around processing and value addition.

“For example, it is not worth it to just grow cassava and sell it. But if you make it into high-grade cassava starch, people will be banging down your door trying to get it.

“Cassava is now used to make beer, cereal and so many things. Even most of our pharmaceutical products are being made with high-grade cassava flour and yet when we think about cassava flour we think about garri.”

She said many multinational companies are “paying a premium” to come into the Nigerian market which according to her is “projected to hit 450 million by 2050” in terms of population.

“Every company is trying to come into Nigeria in a big way and they are paying a premium to enter and most of us are trying to leave,” she said.

“There is a disconnect somewhere. What can they see that we cannot see?

“We need to change our mindset because with agriculture it really is about everything associated with the clothes we wear which is usually cotton, to the food we eat to the bags and shoes we wear to the fabric on our furniture to the paint on our walls to the soap we use.

“So, there is so much opportunity in every nook and cranny of agriculture around inputs, around extension that we have not developed.”

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Davido says his upcoming single which will be released on April 30 will be the “biggest song in the country”.

He said the song, produced by Spyrochi, is called ‘Assurance’.

The singer who runs Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) made this known on Thursday during a joint interview with artistes signed to his label.

“I’m dropping a single on the 30th of April. It’s gonna be the biggest song in the country. It’s called ‘Assurance’,” he said on the Cool FM programme.

Davido alongside Yonda, Peruzzi, Fresh VDM, members of DMW, recently released a song titled ‘Aje’.

According to the singer, ‘Aje’ is the lead single of the collaboration album which will feature all the members of the label, including Dremo, Mayorkun, Idowest, DJ E-Cool, and Ichaba.

He said the DMW album will be out in June, describing it as a collaboration with Sony Music Africa. His own third studio album, Davido said, will be released in September.

The artiste signed to Sony/RCA spoke about his friendship with DJ E Cool, who he said he has known since the age of 11.

He said: “Me and E-Cool, we grew up in Atlanta together. You won’t believe when I was 11 running around in Atlanta, this guy used to block me from parties. He won’t allow me to enter.”

Davido also canvassed for votes for his artistes ahead of the 2018 Headies. Mayorkun is nominated in the next rated category while Peruzzi is up for rookie of the year.

“If I don’t win I’m okay. But I want to vote for my brothers, Mayorkun and Peruzzi. Vote for them, they deserve it,” he said.

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has condemned what it called a fresh plot by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) “to secretly create 30,000 illegal polling units in compromised areas” to boost the chances of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2019 general elections.

The party said part of the plot is to create the additional polling units in remote areas to facilitate the exercise.

In a statement issued yesterday by the National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, the party said Nigerians know what to do at the appropriate time.

“We are aware of series of clandestine meetings between compromised officials of the commission and certain agents of the Presidency and APC, where the plot to sneak in the 30, 000 illegal polling units in some remote areas and through which they plan to allocate votes to President Buhari and the APC were perfected.

“Our investigation shows that this is part of the grand design by the commission under Professor Mahmood Yakubu to rig the 2019 general elections in favour of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Having realized that Nigerians have completely rejected them because of their manifold failures in governance, the Presidency and the APC are now employing all manners of dirty antics to create ways to rig the polls and foist President Buhari back on Nigerians.

“The PDP cautions INEC not to set the nation on fire by its overt conspiratory tendencies. Professor Yakubu should heed wise counsel and immediately perish the thoughts of using such polling units or dividing the nation along ethnic lines in the 2019 general elections, as such would be stiffly resisted.

“We invite INEC to note that every Nigerian has seen the handwriting on the wall regarding the general rejection of President Buhari and the APC well ahead of the elections. We all know where the tide is flowing and Nigerians are not ready to, and will never accept any results that do not reflect that reality.

“We urge Nigerians to remain vigilant and monitor all processes to ensure that INEC and the APC do not, at any point in the process, manipulate the 2019 general election and subvert the will of the people,” the statement read in part.

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By Maureen Solomon got us all glued to the TV screen in early 2000. She was the fine girl with sexy eyes and curvy hips, who at the time she was about to make the A-list, vanished from the scene. But not after she had made a lasting impression on her fans.

Entertainer recently visited the Lagos home of the beautiful and brainy actress where she revealed why she left the scene at the peak of her career.

It seems marriage has changed you. You look more beautiful, what is the secret?

Thank you, dear. First of all, it is God that has made me beautiful. I know and I am sure that it’s Him. Secondly, I don’t go out much. So, it’s peace of mind, nothing much and no secret really.

You’re one of the actresses that people loved to watch in those days. Your fans would like to know why you have been off the screen for so long?

It’s not so much silence because I want it to be so, but the fact that I am focused more on the family front, which I feel is more important. For all these years, I am grateful for the time that I have spent with my family, and continue to spend. I have devoted my time to my children for some time now. So, right now, I am coming back to work. My absence all these years has been because of my family.

There is this rumor that your husband stopped you from acting. Is there any atom of truth in that?

As a matter of fact, I got married in 2005 and I acted till 2011. The last time I did a movie was in 2011 and my husband never stopped me. So, I wonder why he would stop me in the middle of the way. My husband actually encourages my work, even in my going back now by the grace of God. It is still him that is pushing me and he will always spur me to do greater things, not just the normal thing we know of. So, he never stopped me, I stopped myself because I needed to dedicate more time to my children. My last house girl left as at the time I decided to stay home and I decided not to get another one. I practically had to become the house girl.

The last time you featured in a movie was 2011. What movie was that?

Yes, I did two movies in 2011. One was Uche Elendu’s movie. I co-produced her movie, ‘In Too Deep’. I think that was the last major film I did. The other one, I remember I traveled to Oba to shoot it. I can’t even remember the title. Those were the last movies I did before I stopped.

That’s seven years of silence. Don’t you think it’s too long?

It’s not too long. Funny enough, to some people, it is. When I look back to when I started in the industry till now, it seems like it was yesterday. Seven years for me is not a long time.

What would you say has changed in the industry between when you left and now?

Honestly speaking, some people might go crazy because of what I am trying to say. The only difference that I can see is the fact that, we can now go to the cinema. Our movies are now in the cinema, but as far as I am concerned, most of the storylines are still the same. It hasn’t changed which I would love so much for it to.

A few weeks ago, Rita Dominic made a comment that Nollywood producers rush to the cinemas to show low-quality movies, and some producers went for her head. Do you agree with her opinion?

That was why I said a lot of people would not like what I am going to say. If I should say my mind, a lot of people are going to go crazy. Nothing has changed in the industry; there is nothing different from the movies you watch in the cinema and the movies that they produce in Asaba. For me, it is just the better and quality tools being used.

What’s the way forward for quality movies?

My husband is my biggest critic. So, I will say that it is either the creative people are not being given enough opportunity or the leadership of Nollywood somehow lacks creativity. We need originality and creativity and I know that in Nigeria, we have an abundance of such people, but either that they don’t have the opportunities. Apart from creativity, we still need people in the area of sponsorship and people that will spur us to move forward. I know very well that we have a lot of creative people and a lot of original ideas but we lack the opportunity and help to get them out.

Talking about creativity, we have new crops of people in the industry now. Would you say that producers prefer to use these new crops of actors?

I can’t really say but I know that most of these new actors are good. But there are still some of them that need a lot of training. I have heard in some places that the old actors need to come back, as they don’t understand the new ones. I don’t know if that is a compliment or something else, I have heard people say that to me a lot. We don’t have places where new actors can actually go and train. And on the issue of them being preferred by the producers, I can’t really say, but I know it has always been a norm in the industry for producers to go for the person that the face will sell market more. So, if they think that the new faces sell market more, maybe that is why, but I know to a large extent that, producers don’t call people because they are very good.

Would you also attribute this to the fees they pay to the new ones compared to the old ones?

To be honest, I think there are some old ones that won’t mind whatever fees they are paying to the new ones. I know a whole lot of people would say there are no jobs, like the old ones will say there are no jobs coming their way. So, I don’t think it’s the fees but the faces that sell movies.

There is this rumour that people in the industry use devilish power or what they call ‘juju’ on others. Is that true?

Are you kidding me? I have no idea. Like you heard, I have also heard but my own prayer is that I don’t come across anybody that does that. But I wonder why they would have to do that, the industry is so large, it can contain everybody. So, why would they need those fetish and devilish things? Is it for more work? You can’t even be on three different locations at a time.

How did you come into the industry in the first place?

I have always wanted to act. In my nursery school days, the major programme I took part was dancing. Then from my primary to secondary school, there was no drama that I didn’t partake. My mom has always known that to be part of me. So, when I watched movies, I would be like, ‘mummy I want to act’ and she would always laugh. My mom was working with the Union Bank then and she always says that Pete Edochie was one of their customers. So, in my mind, I would say ‘will this woman ever introduce me to him?’ But I never knew how to tell her. Then, there was this day that everybody in my house traveled apart from my elder sister. I came back and she wasn’t at home, but someone told me where she went. I went there to collect the house key but when I got there, they were having an audition. They were asking some people to act this way and others that way. The person that was directing was Lancelot Odua Imasuen. And he said, ‘you this way’. I forgot the key that I went to collect and joined the queue. The next day, my sister came home and said that my name came out. And that was it; that was how I did my first movie, ‘Alternative’. From there, I continued. I started in the industry early enough, I got into the industry when I was 17 going on 18 and in December 2005, I got married.

How much were you paid for that movie?

N2,000 and I played six scenes, and it was a big deal for me. It was my second time to earn money. Before that time, I had worked as a receptionist somewhere; the manager chased me to my house, I think he wanted to woo me, and after that one month, I collected my N4,500 salary and ran away.

What’s the worst thing you have ever heard about yourself?

The only thing that I heard that brought me to tears was shortly after my first movie. It was a story in a newspaper. I can’t remember the exact title, something like ‘Maureen Solomon on the rumpus side’, that was when I was dating one of the actors. They said that a guy had a fight with a director over me. But there was no fight honestly. It was when we were doing ‘Wide Revenge’, where I had my first lead role. I was supposed to play the younger version of someone and my boyfriend at that time said no. It created small rancour but it wasn’t like a fight but the paper turned the story upside down. That was when my mom sat me down and advised me to use cuticle to cover my ears if I love my job.

To make a comeback, it has become a trend for actors to produce their own movies. What are you working on right now?

It’s actually not a bad idea. I am actually tilting towards that side. I have a lot of scripts but I am actually waiting for the right moment. As you can see, movie is not the only thing I do now, I have delved into other things as well. On acting, if I see a good script I will definitely take it. Funny enough, all these while that I have been at home, scripts came once in a while but it’s not what I wanted to do as a comeback. Come on, I have been out of the screen for a while, I mean if I am coming back, it should be something tight, even if it’s not my own movie, it should be something tight.

Talking about my own movie, definitely, but one place I am really looking at is directing. It has always been my passion but for some reasons, I ended up in front of the camera. Now, I think I am more balanced to chase that dream. I am not saying that I am not going to act but will do more of producing and directing.

What would you like to be remembered for in the industry?

I have seen a lot in the industry, most of the stories that we play for people to watch are actually our own lifestyles. I wanted to post something on Facebook the other day but I quickly wiped it off, because I know people would come for my head. I was watching a movie the other day and it dawned on me that we do these dramas every day but we don’t learn from them. We do movies about broken homes but we don’t learn from them, it is always our homes that are breaking. It doesn’t make sense. We tell the stories but we don’t learn from them. So, I believe and I am praying to God that my coming back to the industry is to change lives and not just looking for the money. If it is for the fame, I don’t think I can get more famous than I am now, I don’t know how famous I am anyway. My coming back to the industry is strictly to change lives, not just the people that are watching but also the people that I am working with. That is what I am hoping for because a whole lot of times, I don’t know if we are blind, we do things but we don’t look at ourselves.

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I think I am always paranoid, I became this way in 2008 after a traumatic kidnap. I am always suspicious of people and I tend to read meanings into almost every move. You can't blame me can you? 

Yesterday during mass, I walked in late as usual. Luckily for me I brought a plastic seat from home just in case there were no available seats and as a baby girl, I had to sit because my shoes were not made for standing. I managed to find a little space and I fixed my green chair. I was busy minding my business when my eyes fell on the shoes of the person who sat directly in front of me, it was a disaster as it was peeling and the whole floor was littered with particles. I felt bad for her and made up my mind to bring shoes for her the next Sunday. Being an inquisitive person, my eyes started roaming the area I sat, guess I wanted to be sure no other person had bad shoes. Fortunately or unfortunately it fell on a very lovely brown loafers. I am sure you can already tell I am a sucker for shoes. My eyes kept going back to the shoes, but I didn't see the face of the owner. 

"Hi, what's your name? I will like to know you more". The owner of the brown loafers said to me during peace and love of Christ. He actually held my hand right in the middle of mass to get to know me. Chi m! I politely answered him and told him we will talk after mass because people were already looking at us. Oga wasn't discreet at all o. I kept on thinking about this very unfamiliar face in my small church were we all know each other that I forgot to say my prayers before communion. 

Immediately after the last person went for communion, Mr. brown loafers pulled his chair close to mine and started telling me about himself, after which he asked for my number and I gave him. Eyes were on us and it was as if he didn't care. After a while, he left the church and I stayed till the end. As soon as I got home, I got a call from him, asking for us to see immediately and I calmly dismissed him. I told him we will see in the evening and he told me he had to see me that very day. First thing that puts me off. 

It was Mother's Day, so we all went to celebrate at my aunt's place. My WhatsApp kept beeping, it was Mr loafers asking me when we will see. I told him the situation and the fact we might not get to see because it was getting late. Oga was adamant. He told me to call him we I got home that he will pick me up. Me Adanna, go out with a desperate stranger in the middle of the night lol. I got home very late and I sent him a text that I can't come out anymore, he said I should text him my address, so we can come to my gate for us to talk. At this point, my spirit said block him, but I didn't. 

When he was sure I wasn't going to come out, he called and started telling me that he was in love with me. Haba! Told him we just met a few hours ago, he changed it for me o. Started telling me I had an archaic mentality and I had to change. His tone was aggressive and the psychologist in me kicked in. I asked him if he was an aggressive person, he said yes but not in an angry way, just in cases like lovemaking. At this point, I knew it was over. I told him I had to go, he started shouting at me, they had the mind to try to schedule another meeting with me the next day. I just said okay and hung up. 

I forgot to block the number and my first call of the day was from Mr. Brown loafers, I refused to pick, he called and called, I didn't answer. Two unknown numbers and I private caller later, I decided to return his call. I told him I was out of town and will be back later at night. Oga said there were sides of me, he hasn't unraveled and he must before leaving town. 

Is this guy just forward or plain creepy? I want to be sure I am not just paranoid.

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You can actually set up the next big NGO, and maybe win a Nobel prize for your wonderful contribution to the society. Isn’t that amazing? But wait! Before rehearsing your Nobel prize acceptance speech, have you given enough thought to the sine qua non of setting up and sustaining an NGO? No? It’s not too late. Let’s start with the basics.

A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), according to, “is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level.” In Nigeria, they play important roles, often filling gaps which the government is unable to while complementing existing government activities. These organizations, small or large, work in the health, civil society and other sectors of society. Individuals and groups often set up NGOs with altruistic motives, with the intention of impacting positive societal change.

Having worked for an NGO for several years, I know that most people assume that starting and sustaining one is a laid-back affair. On the contrary, it is in fact as critical as starting up a for-profit business. It really does not matter if it is on a small-scale basis, or whether you have vast amounts of cash, there are key guides to consider. Here’s what you need to know.

Legal requirements

A lot of times, enthusiastic newbies fail to consider the legal requirements of embarking on such a venture. Someone wakes up, scribbles an interesting name for a proposed NGO, then proceeds to print branded T-shirts. That’s not bad for effort, but you need a more structured process. For proper legal status, your NGO must be registered with the relevant body; the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Take ownership of the process, and as much as possible, avoid using a proxy. That way, you will be in possession of all necessary documents and minimize the chances of a disaster.

Now, you’ll need to establish the following:

The legal obligations it will be subject to.

Your goals and objectives.

The problems you intend to solve.

Equally important, you’ll need a lawyer during this process. Having a lawyer at your side will keep you updated on the rights and obligations of the registered NGO you’ll soon be running.

Acquiring and sustaining funds

When setting up an NGO, you must be very clear on the source and availability of funds. You can’t begin with the, ‘Well, I just started’ or ‘Let’s see how it goes’ attitude.

Having said that, let’s see if you can answer these questions:

Do I have funds for the activities I’d like my NGO to embark on?

Are there government or other organizations’ grants I can apply for?

Can the NGO sustain itself on a long-term basis?

Do I have an efficient structure?

What are my planned activities, and who will be responsible for each activity?

Run your NGO like you would run a business.

Look, I get it. The society seriously needs solutions and you’re revved up for the challenge. Your idea is the best, most unique and different one and you’re in line to becoming the next Mother Theresa. Listen though, other NGOs are profit-oriented and well, only focus on making profit. If you want your NGO to be around for a long time, you’ll need to integrate these profit-making elements to your operations:

Have a defined strategy for hiring, operations and other organizational processes.

Have a strong financial system.

Have a target audience? A robust marketing strategy will cater to them.

Have a marketing budget.

Decide on what strategy to apply. Person-to-person? Social media? Flyers and posters? Or a mix of different strategies?

How about record-keeping? Do you have a plan?

How often would you produce reports? Bi-monthly, quarterly or annually?

The above requirements are essential, especially if your NGO’s activities are grant-funded (which means you’ll have to submit regular reports to your handlers).  The sad reality is not everyone gets grants at the start, but proper record-keeping would prove very helpful should you decide to apply for funds in the future.

#MotherlandMoguls should know that NGOs are businesses too. Your profit is in the satisfaction of helping people in profound ways.

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Ivie writes poems, essays and short stories on her blog. She is also the author of the ebook, 'Looking for myself and my phone charger', which is available on Okada Books. She studied Political Science at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and believes that with deliberate efforts, Nigerians can work to make ours a functioning society.

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Written by Bodashee Abimbola

Nobody ever said it was going to be an easy walk. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. The ability to stand up to the challenges that come with this path that you have chosen, balancing the books, handling your staff and petting your clients all come with the title.

As much as these can be strenuous, it is important to your business to look good while you are at it!


Except you made a personal pact with your favorite color to love and to hold in sickness and in health, then you need to play with colours and patterns. Monochrome prints, LBD, polka dots, stripes – keep them close and have some fun.


Your skin say a lot about how meticulous you are. Take time to cleanse and exfoliate. Care for your skin. It’s yours, and no one else can take care of it for you. We’re in Africa, and in this part of the world, a lot of people still equate good looking skin with successful women. And if that woman is an entrepreneur, it may just mean she has a lot of business coming in, which means she is good at what she does.


We know you got that killer figure and all, but except your boobs and fresh thighs can go in the shopping cart along with all the other products or services you offer, keep them off the display when you’d be meeting with clients or investors.


You know the drill. Makeup makes you look good. Confident. But if it’s too much, you may just get more than what you bargained for. So keep this in mind and always apply makeup to enhance your beauty. The rainbow was a symbol of covenant between God and Noah. Don’t try to recreate it on your face.


Bad news spreads like wildfire. And this kind of news will make the tabloids. It will break the Internet. It could even make breaking news on TV. The story of that fine girl with the 3Bs – Beauty, Brains, and Bad breath! Damn. That didn’t even sound nice.


Your hair can make or mar an outfit. Whether it’s your natural hair, or it’s artificial, pay some attention. Keep it well oiled, combed or packed properly and neatly. You just never know who is looking.

People don’t like to admit it, but first impression matters. A whole lot. For people to take you serious, you must first show them that you take yourself serious. Believe it or not, everything else comes after!



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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola blasted Spanish referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz and lamented a number of decisions that cost his side dear after a 2-1 home defeat by Liverpool on Tuesday sealed a 5-1 aggregate Champions League quarter-final win for the five-time European champions.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola blasted Spanish referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz and lamented a number of decisions that cost his side dear after a 2-1 home defeat by Liverpool on Tuesday sealed a 5-1 aggregate Champions League quarter-final win for the five-time European champions.

Guardiola was forced to watch the second half from the stands after being sent off for his protestations at the break as free-spending City's dreams of conquering the Champions League for the first time were dashed for another season.

City led 1-0 on the night at that stage after Gabriel Jesus's second-minute opener, but the hosts felt aggrieved after Leroy Sane had a second goal wrongly disallowed for offside just before half-time.

"It's different to go in 1-0 at half-time to 2-0," said Guardiola, who also believed Liverpool's opener in a 3-0 first-leg win at Anfield last week should have been ruled out for offside.

"When the teams are so equal the impact of these decisions is so big."

Mohamed Salah booked Liverpool's place in the last four for the first time in a decade when he coolly chipped home his 39th goal of the season 11 minutes into the second half before Roberto Firmino inflicted a third consecutive defeat on City for the first time in Guardiola's near two-year reign.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp hailed the maturity of his side to see out a first-half onslaught.

"The boys found a solution. We had these two or three moments already at end of the first half so it was easy for me and the boys to see the development of the game and that we are already through the whirlwind," said Klopp.

Liverpool trail City by 17 points in the Premier League, but have now beaten Guardiola's men in three of their four meetings this season.

"I really think they are the best team in the world at the moment but I knew we could beat them," added Klopp.

"We should enjoy the moment. It was a while ago Liverpool was in the semis and I was in the semis and now we are there together."

Perfect start

Guardiola admitted beforehand that his side needed the "perfect" performance and the hosts got the perfect start as they opened the scoring after just 117 seconds.

Liverpool were unhappy at Mateu Lahoz in what was to be the start of a controversial night for the Spaniard when Virgil van Dijk claimed he had been pushed by Raheem Sterling in the lead-up to the goal.

The referee was unmoved, though, and with the Dutchman out of position, Fernandinho's through ball found Sterling and his low cross was swept home by Jesus.

Salah had been an injury doubt after limping off in the first leg, but Liverpool were unable to spring the Egyptian free in the first 45 minutes as City peppered the visitors' box with crosses without finding the final touch.

Bernardo Silva saw a deflected effort spin just wide and then rattled the post with a deflected long-range strike.

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few days ago, a US-born college basketball player of Nigerian descent, Arike Ogunbowale, made headlines when she helped her team, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish win the NCAA championship.

The win gave her team their first women basketball title since 2001.

In a semi-final match against Uconn, Arike had beaten the team with a 2-pointer with just 1 second left