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Here are Tony Elumelu's 5 ways to achieving success as an Entrepreneur:

“The first thing I tell people is that you should dream BIG. No limitations, no boundaries; feel free to dream.

The process of translating your dreams to action entails the following:

1. You need to build milestones into your dreams.

2. You must make sure you assemble the right resources.

There are different types of resources you need to assemble for you to accomplish your dreams: some could be financial, others human, it varies.

But it is important that you ask yourselves what you need to accomplish your dreams as an entrepreneur, then you work hard towards putting these in place.

3. Check your milestones from time to time, am I on course? What did I miss? How did I miss it? What can I do to correct it as an entrepreneur? This is very important. I call it checking “you” from time to time in a realistic fashion 

4. Have a mirror. A mirror is someone that you have confidence in that you can check in with from time to time. When entrepreneurs do well, they mostly have business mentors.

It would also be nice if your mirror is like a mentor, someone who has accomplished something in that field that you can go to from time to time to check with.

5. Finally, you must work hard, to achieve success in life is not rocket science, you just must put in the time.

On hard work, Michael Jackson for instance was renowned for his excellent work ethic, which explains why he remains one of the greatest musicians of all times. Some would think dancing and singing do not require any significant efforts but beneath those enthralling videos and captivating songs are hours and hours of practice and sweat.

When Michael Jackson was producing the video for ‘Thriller’, one of the ground-breaking music videos of the 80’s, there was an eight-week period where he had to work like slave, staying up days at a time to ensure that everything was perfect.

This is the same type of thoroughness and diligence that you must apply to your business. But let me say that I would be insincere if I attempt to glamorize entrepreneurship or simplify it. It is not simple and as I said, it is a long journey and one that is tough. And the unpopular truth is that only those who have grit and resilience can make it through the end” – Tony Elumelu, Chairman, Heirs Holdings Group and Founder, The Tony Elumelu Foundation

Excerpt: From Tony Elumelu’s speech at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto


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Singer Daddy Showkey expressed his frustration on the state of the Nation, through his IG Page. He called out the Federal government for allegedly attacking former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, who intends to run against President Buhari in 2019. He also called out Rochas Okorocha for building a statue for South African President, Jacob Zuma.

Read what he wrote on his IG page below...

'My people make me una hear, this one surprises me oo
What is it that when someone wants to contest for a seat in the government concerning someone in power,that is when the person in power will be using the government’s might to dugout the past of the person who wishes to contest for that position. And these same people were used by the person in power when you were campaigning for your seat in power. If you knew that they were bad, y use them in first place. Now for the same government, sombodi dey build statue wey e no concern the country at all. Abi una don hear say dem build Sam Mbakwe statue for South Africa? Wey be the father of Imo state. Imo people dey suffer, he dey build statue wey e no concern the power. For the same government, ministers say dem give contract, government say dem no give contract (NNPC) the minister house catches fire burn.
For the same government road no dey to reach the only international port wey we get for Nigeria. People wey dey import goods no fit carry their goods after clearing comot from port... for days, for weeks, for months (Wharf Apapa port, tincan) . Na Ajegunle people dey suffer because trailers don block all the road wey Enter Ajegunle and Apapa G.r.a.(wey be one of the most beautiful g.r.a before when we dey grow up,we dey call am European quarter)
Today,no road because all our bridge trailer don block am finish on top ijora bridge. Until the day when the bridge collapses and kill people na him dem go talk.
Now wayo Rochas dey build statue wey e no concern him people, him government workers wey him never pay money. Since when him dey as governor, local government election him no do. Nobody talk anything,sidon(sit-down)look na dog name. My people we go dey Sidon look? If we talk,dem go go dig our past. 
Me as one person,I don tell una before day for the streets of Ajegunle dem born me. If u like go dig my past because I don tell the world about my past before and I dey bold to talk about my past. How many of una fit do am,now Nigeria Na our own, Na the people own, Na One Nigeria. East-west-North and south, our people dey suffer.
We dey look una oo and we go soon ready for una.


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Former US president Barack Obama has selected New-York based artist, Kehinde Wiley, to paint his official portrait. 

Kehinde Wiley is known for lush, larger-than-life portraits that overlay black street culture with European classical motifs. He is believed to be an exciting choice for the presidential portrait. Throughout his career, Kehinde has become renowned for creating portraits of African American men, including the Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Ice T, Grand master Flash and the Furious Five, Michael Jackson, and more.

Kehinde was born to a Nigerian dad and an African-American mom. He did not grow up with his father, so at the age of 20, he traveled to Nigeria to explore his roots and meet him.

Kehinde's mother supported his interest in art and enrolled him in after-school art classes when he was a child. He earned his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1999 and his MFA from Yale University, School of Art in 2001.

Following a tradition that started with George H. Bush, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery commissions an artist to create a portrait of the president and the first lady after their tenure. Obama’s predecessors have preferred to sit for 90-year old portrait artist Everett Raymond Kinstler, who has painted eight US presidents, but Obama chose to go with Kehinde. The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery made the announcement yesterday.

Former first lady Michelle Obama has chosen Baltimore-based painter Amy Sherald to paint her portrait. Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald will be the first black artists to create official presidential portraits for the Smithsonian.


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Ex McKinsey and Company consultant Lola Kassim, has been appointed by Uber as its new General Manager for West Africa. Ms Kassim replaced Ebi Atawodi, who has moved up in Uber management to take a role as the company's Product Manager for Global Payments Growth.


2017 has been a troubling year for the ride hailing app with its Africa operations among its troubles amid complaints from local taxi cartels in Ghana and finding solutions as well as growth will be top of her agenda.


Lola holds a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and an MSc from the London School of Economics. She has worked as a Management Consultant with McKinsey and Company, with over 10 years of global experience at senior private sector and government levels in Africa and Canada.


Speaking on her appointment, Lola has this to say:


"I am immensely pleased to be joining Uber at a pivotal point in the company’s growth and expansion curve. My vision for West Africa, in particular, is to ensure that we are aligned with Uber’s overall objective of creating sustainable, alternative modes of mobility. In addition to creating value for driver-partners and riders, I will also be focused on ensuring that we continue to engage with our key stakeholders and relevant partners with a view to continued positive impact across West Africa."

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OAP Freeze claims Pastor Paul spoke subtly about him during his sermon on Sunday. Below is what he wrote to back it up...

'Dear Pastor Paul, I heard you snuck me into your sermon last Sunday, saying certain things about me, I sincerely hope this is untrue.

In my quest to teach the truth about Christianity and salvation, I have never for once, out of the abundance of my respect for you, spoken ill about you before my congregation. This is not to say that I agree entirely with your teaching, but it's borne out of reverence for the first Christian teacher, unto whom the custody of my tutorship was handed.
Like I mentioned to you the last time we spoke at length a few weeks ago, there is a rot in the body of Christ, from within the fold, emanating from the very ones entrusted with gathering and nurturing the sheep.
You might disagree with me in public, but I am positive, that in your quiet moments, when you dialogue with your soul, you, as well as most of the other shepherds, know that my message is the truth and that the revolution has become inevitable.
I am not here by my doing, but by the instance of the almighty Father, who has chosen me for a time like this. However, if you choose to disagree with the truth that I preach, do so wisely, so as not to make yourself a hurdle in the path of God's word.
If we study the book of 1st Corinthians 3:5-9 which says: [5] After all, who is Apollos? Who is Paul? We are only God’s servants through whom you believed the Good News. Each of us did the work the Lord gave us. [6] I planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow. [7] It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow.
In the scheme of things you and I are unimportant, we are simply 'planters' and 'waterers'; messengers and bearers of the word. What matters is God who makes the seed (message) grow and the people whom the message is meant for, so its not about you or I.
I am here to depopulate the 'temple of events' and populate the body of Christ, because what you call the church, is more of an events/business centre to me, as the Bible is clear in Acts 7:48 and Acts 17:24 that the LORD does not dwell in buildings made by human hands. ~Freeze


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I think Google is racist, a Colleague of mine said yesterday. Though this same thought had crossed my mind in the past, I felt maybe, I wasn’t asking the right questions when I search for things on Google.

I once heard of a graphic designer from Sweden, John Burai, who was researching for pictures of “hands” a couple of years ago. She discovered that all the images that showed up were white. She narrowed her search to “Black hands” and what do you know, they all came back with added subtext of mixed colours such as a white hand reaching out to offer help or black hands working on earth. She started a movement called World White Web that encouraged people to link to and share images of non white hands, in a way to boost the search results. But this is just a beginning.

A Google image research of “beautiful dreadlocks” would yield results of white people with dreadlocks, dreadlocks that have been connected with the Blacks for over a century. The most shocking side of it seems to be the definition of what “beauty” is by these results. Finding a beautiful black woman would sound easy if you don’t waste all the time on specification and rephrasing of questions on Google to get what you are looking for, but immediately you type “beauty,” all images of white slim ladies turn up on your screen. Even the “Handsome” guys are all white through Google. Makes you wonder, is Google trying to feed us the Eurocentric definition of what beauty should look like?

Don’t forget the incident that occurred on their map images, which resulted to a black boy and a girl being labelled “Gorillas.” We were left to ask if this was an honest mistake or was it supposed to pass a message. But I do know whoever did that, couldn’t wait to tag the US white house as “Nigga House” too. Maybe it was Google trying to bring the heat home so it would appear not to be a racist act…

Each time, you browse on “unprofessional hairstyles for work,” photographs of black women with curly and natural hair would appear. Are these dots leading to something or are we still going to blame the search algorithms and bots used in this technology? If it’s the bots, these bots do consider it appropriate to present results of white women when you search for “professional hairstyles for work.”

Often times, an engine search of “white teenagers” would result to images of happy white kids and when you change it to “black teenagers,” images of black juvenile delinquents shows up. There’s literally no search that wouldn’t yield majority of everything from the western world, specifically the white. The one that makes me cringe each time is the search for “Asian women.” If there’s no image of some naked Asian woman, there would be an article explaining why Asian women love white men.

Can we talk about the shutting down of Google ad sense for no reason whatsoever or the long day search for suitable black images for a graphic design work? Google recently created an ad racial-targeted advertisement and when it went sideways, they had some cooked up story for that too. Maybe their search engine algorithm is still to be accused of these patterns, right?

The one that almost broke the internet would still be their search autosuggestion feature, which they blamed on mass search habits. After tying “black people are,” the auto-suggestions would be mostly crazy, rude, stupid, dumb, lazy, etc. The “white people are” would usually be something cool like memes or funny GIF. When the heat became too much, they conveniently disabled auto-suggestions for statement that stops with “are.” If for one thing, this incident proved Google can do something about its search algorithm or whatever they claim the problem is, but chose not to.

Google algorithm suddenly forgets the importance of SEO, back links, and Keywords, when you type the word “Arrested.” Almost all the results have something to do with Blacks. Is this too regularly searched for too? The fact that “Happy white American couple” shows white or mixed couples, would leave you wondering – Where are the purely black American couples or are they the sad ones?

It sucks to know that after all these years, a lot of the white folks sees us Blacks as old-fashioned with tribal marks, clothes made of animal skins, tobacco teeth, and as people who still build and live in mud houses because Google can never update their database to suit the realities of the Blacks now. Honestly, I can’t be browsing on IQ and EQ, and I am getting results of only white people. Is this still about the regular search patterns or some stereotype thing, we would never know. But one thing we would never go wrong about is that Google can be racist to all sorts of things and people but white.

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Often times, you would come across people arguing about something on and off social media over issues that they may or may not have deeper knowledge or the universal truth about than they already do. Bigotry plays a huge part in this and so does ego too. Everyone wants to be heard from their perspectives or beliefs but no one would be willing to listen from the other side or sides as the case may be. Every day we come across people like these, the "what can he possibly know that I don't already know?" My answer is always simple - A Whole Lot-

We underestimate the differences in people’s journey a lot. To me, that’s just like sitting on diamonds and you won’t even know it because we have trained our minds not to see beyond the obvious. Nothing restricts understanding than the constant desire to announce you have a golden spoon before you are even called to the table. There are also those who ask questions they already think they have the right answers to, only to interrupt you a million times because they would rather feel padded up with knowledge than actually being knowledgeable.

This often reminds me of a story I was told as a kid, about a professor and a Zen Master:

A famous and knowledgeable professor went to learn from an old Zen master. He asked the Master that he wanted to know who Zen is. But during the session, the Zen master noticed that the professor kept interrupting him. He kept talking nonstop, about his version of life and his understanding of everything. As soon as the Zen master realized this, he stopped explaining Zen to him and started making tea for the professor instead.

As the Zen master began to pour a cup of tea for the professor, the professor kept talking while still holding up his cup. The Zen master smiled gently and listened to what the professor was saying, but he never stopped pouring the tea. Soon the cup was filled to the brim, but he kept pouring. The tea overflowed, spilling onto the tray, the table and the carpet, until the professor could no longer stand it.

The professor stopped the master saying that the cup was overflowing. The Zen master smiled and told him: Exactly. If the cup is not empty, how can it make room for the tea? Now if you want to learn something new today, you have to go empty your cup.

To become empty is not to go back to zero; to become empty is to be neutral to things till you have enough evidence to take a stand on them. And for the movie lovers, this similar event occurred in “Doctor Strange.”

The 3 possible ways of learning how to be empty (open minded) would be:

To Listen:

You would be amazed by the amount of ideas and thoughts we miss during a group discussion, because we all wanted to say the most words. Reserve some thoughts so you wouldn’t end up with barren words. It’s okay not to know about what is being discussed. If for anything, that is the best time to take 2 steps back, listen, observe, sieve and retain. Learn to pay attention to details and reactions too. That’s how you learn new things every day.

To ask the right Questions:

Can you recall those moments you missed a call and the next thing you know, you get a long text from this person on how you ignored their calls? Or maybe you have that tendency of having enough words to say before you ask what happened? In as much as everyone reacts to situations differently, some situations just aren’t worth the hassle. The easiest way to get anyone interested in explaining what happened and why they did a thing would be to just ask them instead of complaining to everyone else about it. Believe me, this goes with a lot of people I have come across. Learn to address the problem, instead of everything else but the problem.

To learn Diplomacy:

It is no news that we are distinct humans with fixed ideas and preconceived beliefs. Understanding that all these preconceptions were learnt and adapted, should humble you enough to hear people’s opinions too about any issue. Sometimes people would seek the unblemished truth from you, beg you for your honesty. Often times, we are tempted to forget our own equation and give it to them raw, crude and blunt. Don’t. There are lot of ways to tell someone to go to hell without actually having to say it, that is to say, you go easy on them. Learn the art of passing a message without killing the receiver.

Be Deliberate, Be Open-Minded and Empty your Cup (Make room always for new ideas and opinions)




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It was a very stressful evening.  My younger sister had just finished writing her Post U.M.E and we were heading back to my apartment when my phone rang.  It was my elder sister.

Sis: Eberechukwu, tell Neche; I want you guys to meet me at "Ntachiosa" by 4:00pm

Yes!!!  How did you know I was hungry sef, OK no problem.

Sis: Call Amara too, you know that girl knows how to waste time...  Aii, I said as she dropped the call.

By 4:10 my kid sister and I headed to Town.  On reaching my elder sister wasn't there. 

What kind of rubbish is this, I said to my sister who wasn't listening to me because she was busy snap chatting.  As we headed to the eatery, on getting in, I saw a very fair, handsome bearded looking fella. ‘Mehn Enugu has fine boy’s, I thought to myself as I rolled my eyes up and down his face.  He was with a friend. I continued my journey upstairs. Few minutes after we got seated my sister came in.  While we were gisting, the fair guy and his friend walked up and sat on the table next to ours with a flower vase demarcating us. He had noticed me.  I didn't want to act desperate; I had to look away, laughing hysterically at every sentence my sister made which wasn't funny. I was getting hungry, eager to make another move when my elder sister asked me to go order for food.  Wow, what an opportunity to show my skills. Getting up, he too got up.  I didn't know if he was heading home, my heart sank.  I wasted a little time trying to know his destination. Well, he was going to order for food too.  Immediately I adjusted my hair.  Picked my phone and cat-walked to the confectionery.

As I ordered, I noticed his eyes staring at me.  He would walk past me and walk before me. I feigned I didn’t notice.  I was enjoying the whole scenario. His friend noticed. I guessed they had talked about it. After standing for barely minutes of ordering nothing he headed back to his seat, this time he turned the chair towards my direction (don't ask me how I knew, I flipped my hair 100times).  My food was ready.  I got chicken ofeakwu with rice and a can of Ribena. Walking to my table, we looked each other eyeball to eyeball.  I wanted to blink but Nah, I have to show this nigga who the boss is.  I've been in this eye contact business for so long.  His eyes got locked in mine, I felt my body misbehaving. He was getting me enchanted, I almost fell.  I quickly looked away and dropped my tray on the table. He smiled.  Nonsense Yoruba demon, I cursed under my breath. To worsen it, the waiter forgot to put my cutlery. I had to stand again, never.  I sent my kid sister who reluctantly went. As I ate, both young men would gist and look at me.  I was feeling uncomfortable, my food wasn't going down well.  Like why won't this guy just man up and ask for my number. 

After a while, I noticed they both stood up and left.  I wanted to swallow my pride and walk up to him.  I wanted a boyfriend and the Lord had sent him in a beautiful chocolate vanilla caramel ice-creamed package, but my pride couldn't go down because it was still under construction.  Well after everything I watched the Love of my life walk out of the eatery and off my life. I had hoped I was going to see him again, Enugu is a small world, I consoled myself. 

Fast-forward to how my day went.  My sisters and I had fun.  We ate, talked about a lot of things, and took pictures. It was a jolly good day but I still wailed for losing the love of my life.

Walking down to get a taxi, Lo and Behold my missing rib was actually waiting for me downstairs.  "Oh thank you, Jesus”. I whispered. I promised I was going to approach him this time.  But my pride crept in again. I raised my head up high.  Face straight, slowly shaking my tiny ass, walked past him, acting like I didn't care yet seriously praying he would talk to me.

Hey, excuse me, I heard a masculine voice.

I wasn't Samuel; I didn't see any reason why I would wait for him to call me three times before I answer.  I quickly turned, giving my sisters a go ahead sign.

Yeah, hello”.  I said looking straight to his face. At this point grasping every moment I could, by taking judicial notice of his soft kissable pink lips. Curly Hebrew beards, Phyno enchanting eyeballs, straight Pinnochio nose, beautifully arranged set of teeth and a heartwarming dimple to crown it all.  I knew he was the Messiah I've been waiting for.

"Uhm, My name is Obum. I saw you upstairs, I just wanted to tell you that you're beautiful".

At that point my body was already under going another level of construction.  I think I wanted to poop.  I felt my tummy wiggle. 

At that point I had two options.  First to say

"Awwwwwwwwwww, thanks a lot" or to say " Oh so finally you decided to talk abi?

I did the later. Trying hard to maintain a good composure, his friend chuckled, don't mind him, he’s a shy boy. 

Oh really.  Fine big rich boy is also a shy boy. (I knew he was rich, his perfume gave him out).  It was "YvesStLaurent's Oud Ambsolu-M7". Besides they were in a white Bentley and his skin was way out of Fan level). That moment my bitchy attitude came out in full form.  I stared him deep in the eyes while we exchanged numbers. 

By 11:39pm, I got a text.

"Hey, it's Obum the guy you met at the eatery. Hope you got home safely, just checking up on you."

I didn't reply.  I knew if I had replied he would know I was awake and thus engage me in a chat.

The next day he called.  We spoke at length.  From phone calls we graduated to video calls. We got very attached to each other.  We talked every day on video calls.  I was head over heels for him.  He was so different.  I had announced to my friends that I was finally in love.  They took it as a joke, because I barely stayed in a relationship after I had suffered a serious breakdown from my ex.  Seeing his picture, they concluded he was a fuck boy. They knew what I had gone through in the past.  They didn't want it to repeat itself. I didn't want to believe them, yet didn't want to put all eggs in one basket, thus we started our investigation.  My friends located his instagram handle. He just had three pictures. Two were birthday wishes to his friends, one, a quote by Mahatma Gandhi which read "The more you look the less you see".

He was a creepy guy. The one that busted my bubble was when I asked him for his face book ID and he said he wasn't on face book. Like who isn't on face book??  To cut the long story short,  the guy I met at the eatery, my "he is different kind of guy" was actually a bi-sexual.  My friends had gone through the post of the guys he wished happy birthday on his ig, checked their own page.  Who they followed, who followed them. While doing the detective work, they stumbled on a follower and that follower was my cute baby's main I. G account, where he promotes homosexuals, with pictures of him and his co-workers caressing each other.

I confronted him.  He cut the call and blocked my number. 

Till this day, my heart is still bleeding.  I thought I had finally found my Romeo. After my previous relationship, I thought I would never fall in love again, but Obum came and made me fall for him.  I had transferred all the love I had for my ex to him, only to realize that he was bisexual. I was one of his toys.  Now I know why it took him hours to gain courage to talk to me, I guess he wasn't used to the female folk. Had I known, I would have been a Samuel and waited for him to call me thrice. 

Most nights, I ponder and ask myself, is he not missing me?  Like was all the calls, laughter and long talks all fake?  Does it mean he never had feelings for me?  Why do guys do the things they do?  Why would they Kindle a fire in a girl’s heart and leave her burning? Why?

I am hurt. I wish I wasn't writing this but that's how I met the last of the male specie. Until nature proves otherwise, I swear not to ever have anything to do with them.


My name is Eberechukwu Ngwu and I exhume happiness. My dreams are a lot bigger than I am. I love to write and express myself through written words. 

Don't be afraid to stalk me on social media.

Facebook ID : Bebe Ngwu

Instagram ID: Bebehills
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Spurs face their biggest test in years when heading to Madrid on Tuesday night, and Neville believes it could be an overwhelming experience for a number of Mauricio Pochettino's players when they walk out at the Bernabeu.

I don't think it is mission impossible at the Bernabeu but I do think it will give us a barometer of how good this Spurs side are. Are they capable of playing at the top level of European football?

I think when you go there for the first time it does blow you away, when you come up those steps from the dressing room and you see this cauldron you're about to play in. It's also the history of the football club and I think Tottenham will find this fixture really difficult.

We talked a lot recently about Anfield being a good barometer for Manchester United players over the years and I think the Bernabeu and Nou Camp are stadiums and occasions where it really tests you mentally and physically.

Playing at the Bernabeu is a special, special experience. Something that most Tottenham players probably haven't done in their careers and it will be interesting to see how they do, and whether this young side play with the same determination and quality as they do in the Premier League.

It's a stage that Harry Kane believes, and probably Dele Alli believes, he wants to be playing on.

I remember when we first got into the European competitions and we came up against Rivaldo at Barcelona, Ronaldo at Inter Milan or Juventus when they had Zinedine Zidane and Alessandro Del Piero, you thought to yourself these are players we used to watch on television, the top players in world football, and I've got to test myself against the best.

Kane is playing on the biggest stage against Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane, two of the best central defenders in world football, and it will be a test to see whether he can perform at that level.

I think Kane has answered every question that has been levelled at him so far and this is just another question he has got to answer.

Is he now at a higher level that Gareth Bale? I don't think so because Bale has won the Champions League and other titles.

He's a fantastic striker and he's getting up to world-class level, but Bale is at a world-class level. He's made the move for massive, massive money, he's proved to the world he can do it in European tournaments, Champions League finals.

He's done it on the biggest stage and it's not just doing it one game, Bale has done it over a period of a time. If you can play for three or four years for a team like Manchester United or Real Madrid then that's when you can talk about being in the greats of European game. Bale has done that.

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Choirul Huda was playing for Persela FC on Sunday against Semen Padang in Liga 1, the top division of Indonesian football, when the incident happened just before half-time.

Huda, who was 38, was rushed to Dr Soegiri Lamongan hospital, but passed away after failing to respond to treatment.

Dr Yudistiro Andri Nugroho, an anesthesia specialist at the hospital, said that the collision caused Huda to "stop breathing" and suffer "cardiac arrest".

He said "initial analysis" suggested that "impact on the chest and lower jaw" led to the "possibility of chest trauma, head trauma and neck trauma".

Huda had made over 500 appearances for Persela, who are based in Lamongan. They were the only club that he represented during his career.In an Instagram message dedicated to Huda, Persela said: "Thanks for the endless dedication and inspiration for Persela, Lamongan and Indonesian football."

The club added that Huda was "the real legend of Persela", and that thousands of fans had lit candles in his honour.

The match continued following Huda's injury, and Persela went on to beat Semen Padang 2-0.

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Charly Musonda’s brother has weighed in on the Chelsea man’s social media outburst and said the club wouldn’t know if they had Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo coming out of their academy.

The Belgian winger last night caused some controversy with an Instagram post that appeared to criticise his lack of opportunities in Antonio Conte’s squad.

He wrote about giving everything, but failing to get what he deserved and that he was ‘done’ as a result of it.

Usually, you see players lose it on social media before then realising the situation and deleting whatever they have posted.

But Musonda’s post is still live on his Instagram page – and his brother Lamisha, who was once contracted to Chelsea’s academy, added to it.

He wrote in a comment that has now been deleted:

Musonda’s brother obviously couldn’t stand by that message as he’s now deleted it.

But he has followed it up with a lot more on Twitter, defending his brother’s work ethic and quality while saying Chelsea would be robbed of good football if Musonda was to leave in the future.


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