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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has advised Nigerians to hold the President, Muhammadu Buhari responsible for any electoral crisis.

This follows the President’s statement during the caucus meeting of the All Progressives Congress (APC) ordering security operatives to “deal ruthlessly” with anyone who attempts to snatch ballot box during the rescheduled general elections next Saturday, February 23, 2019.

In a statement by the spokesman of the party, Kola Ologbondiyan, says, “We want Nigerians and the international community to hold President Buhari personally responsible for any electoral crisis.

The PDP accused the President and the APC of plots to trigger widespread political crisis “to derail our democratic process and plunge our nation into anarchy”.

According to them the President’s statement is a direct call for jungle justice and attempt to divert public attention from their closed session.

“We do hope that this call by President Buhari is not camouflaged for the fake soldiers mobilized by the APC to shoot at innocent Nigerians, snatch ballot boxes and execute their rigging plans on the election day. It is indeed a license to kill, which should not come from any leader of any civilized nation.

“The underlining fact to the above is that President Buhari and APC leaders, upon getting to their voting constituencies last Saturday, realized that there is a nationwide rejection of Buhari’s re-election bid, and this has thrown them into a panic mode.

“We are aware that President Buhari, who had earlier boasted that nobody can ‘unseat’ him, is bent on using every dictatorial and tyrannical act to truncate the process of a free, fair and credible election”.

The PDP also alleged there have been moved by the presidency to reshuffle the Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) in order to deploy compromised officials to manipulate the electoral process in favour of the APC.

“Our party is also aware of the pressure being mounted by the Buhari Presidency on INEC to cancel elections in some states and make others inconclusive so as to achieve President Buhari’s objectives of a staggered election not minding the crisis such will trigger across the federation.

Nevertheless, the PDP wants to assure President Buhari that our nation is bigger than him and that Nigerians will never allow him and the APC to rig this election.

Nigerians have reached an irreversible democratic consensus to vote Buhari out and elect the Peoples Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who is ready to rescue our nation from the hardship, anguish, agony and bloodletting which the Buhari administration has plunged us.

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Soon after The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Saturday announced the postponement of the general elections, Professor Mahmood Yakubu released a statement explaining why it postponed the general elections.

He, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, addressed reporters at the press centre of the commission’s headquarters in Abuja, the nation’s Capital.

Professor Yakubu told reporters that the polls would not go on as planned due to some challenges encountered by the commission.

He further explained that the postponement of the elections would afford them the opportunity to address the issues raised. According to him, the decision to postpone the election few hours before electorates were to gather at their various polling unit, was a tough one to make.

Professor Yakubu revealed that the commission would inform critical stakeholders in the elections about the new development at a meeting which would hold later on Saturday.

Full speech by the INEC chairman below;

Ladies and gentlemen, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) met on Friday 15, February 2019, and reviewed its preparations for the 2019 general elections scheduled for Saturday, 16 February 2019, and Saturday 2 March 2019.

Following a careful review of the implementation of its logistics and operational plan, and the determination to conduct free, fair, and credible elections, the commission came to the conclusion that proceeding with the elections as scheduled is no longer feasible.

Consequently, the commission has decided to reschedule the Presidential and National Assembly elections to Saturday, 23 February 2019.

Furthermore, the Governorship, State House of Assembly, and Federal Capital Territory Area Council elections are rescheduled to Saturday, 9 March 2019.

This will afford the commission the opportunity to address identified challenges in order to maintain the quality of our elections.

This was a difficult decision for the commission to take but necessary for the successful delivery of the elections and the consolidation of our democracy.

The commission will meet with key stakeholders to update them on this development at 2pm on Saturday, 16 February 2019, at the Abuja International Conference Centre.

Thank you very much.

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Prince Uche Secondus, National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has alleged that the ‘shoddy’ arrangements for this election by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, is a deliberate predetermined agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari to cling on to power.

Prince Uche speculated that the postponement which is part of a grand design by the All Progressives Congress, APC, to thwart the will of Nigerians at all cost, clearly exposes INEC as a failure. He calls on the Chairman of the Commission, Prof Mahmood Yakubu to resign immediately.

The PDP leader warned that the party will not accept anything short of a well organized electoral process devoid of manipulation, harassment and intimidation of voters and the opposition particularly members of the PDP.

He said:

“Having failed in all their nefarious options to enable them to cling on to power, the APC and the INEC came up with the idea of shifting election an action that is dangerous to our democracy and unacceptable”.

The National Chairman said that the APC in connivance with the INEC have been trying all options including but not limited to burning down INEC offices in some states and destroying of electoral materials to create artificial problems upon which to stand for their dubious act.

According to a statement from the National Chairman’s media office signed by Ike Abonyi, Prince Uche said that the party is privy to all the pressures from the APC and the federal government to “arm-twist the INEC, to dance to their new strategy after their earlier ones failed”.

“With several of their rigging options failing, they have to force INEC to agree to a shift in the election or a staggered election with flimsy excuses pre-manufactured for the purpose.

“For the avoidance of doubt the PDP sees this action as wicked and we are also aware of other dubious designs like the deployment of hooded security operatives who would be ruthless on the people ostensibly to scare them away,” Prince Uche said.

He said that by the action of the President he has further demonstrated his insensitivity costing the huge cost after Nigerians including those who came home from abroad have all mobilized to their various constituencies.

Secondus recalled that the PDP had earlier alerted Nigerians that the APC was coming up with lined up rigging strategies including burning down of INEC offices and engineering crisis in PDP stronghold areas to scare away the people.

The PDP National Chairman also drew the attention of all lovers of democracy to the statement of President Buhari on the international media that nobody can unseat him from office, the party alleged that the President’s statement is as an indication of what he wants to do.

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Few hours to the 2019 presidential election and the Kano Police Command rounds up two suspects found with 16 bags of what the police say were specimen ballot papers in the state.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr Wakili Mohammed, made this confirmation on Friday.

According to him the suspects were apprehended on Wednesday by some officers attached to the Metro Police Area Command.

According to the police commissioner, the suspects confessed to have come from Jigawa State, and claimed that the materials were meant for the purposes of sensitisation and orientation.

He said that investigation was still on-going on the matter as the case had been transferred to the state Criminal Investigation Development (CID).

He also reassured the public that the command is fully prepared to ensure that the elections were conducted peacefully.

He noted that although there were some incidents recorded recently in parts of the state, there has been no significant case of violence

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There are two types of people in the world: those who love speaking in public and those who are scared stiff at the thought of it.

Performance anxiety and stage fright are perfectly normal phenomena that occur to many people. It is important for you to understand what stage fright is, so that you can fully overcome it.

Stage fright or performance anxiety is a persistent phobia which is aroused in an individual when required to perform in front of an audience.

Even the most confident performers can suffer from stage fright. Stage fright is common for everyone from Broadway actors to professional presenters. If you have stage fright, then you may start to feel nervous, shaky, or even completely debilitated at the thought of performing in front of an audience. Its not like stage fright is incurable, you can overcome your stage fright by training your body and mind to relax.
PS. it helps if you're performing in pair and it also helps if you've a lot of your close friends in the audience.

Here are some things to keep in check;

1. Know Your Stuff.

Nothing will stop stage fright in it’s gripping tracks like being prepared. Know your content, your speech and more importantly your audience. If you know what you are talking about then you have no reason to be nervous.

Understanding your topic will enable you to speak more naturally and hence more confidently. Also, should a technical hitch occur, this won’t faze you as you are already confident on the subject.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Knowing your stuff helps, but it doesn’t necessarily eradicate the problem. You need to practice as much as you can before the performance or public speaking d-day.

Really know your content inside out and practice (preferably in front of a live audience) as much as possible to build your confidence.

3. Relax your body. To overcome stage fright, there are a few things you can do to relax your body before going on the stage. Easing the tension from your body can help steady your voice and relax your mind. Rehearse your lines. If you mess up on stage, don't panic! Make it seem like the act.

Eat a banana before you perform. It will lower that empty or nauseous feeling in your stomach but won't make you feel too full either.

Chew gum. Chew gum a little bit to ease the tension in your jaw. Just don't chew gum too long on an empty stomach or you may upset your digestive system a bit.

Stretch. Stretching your arms, legs, back, and shoulders is another great way to reduce the tension in your body.

Pretend that you are acting as a different character. This can help you put aside the audience's pressure.

4.  Set a "stop time" for your anxiety. On the day of your performance, tell yourself that you can allow yourself to be nervous for a certain amount of time, but that after a certain hour -- say, 4:00 PM -- all anxiety will just have to go. Just setting this goal and making this promise to yourself will make it much more likely to happen.

5.  Imagine your favorite person in the audience. Instead of imagining every person in the audience in their underwear -- which can be a little weird -- imagine that every seat in the audience is filled with a clone of your favorite person.

That person loves you and will listen to and approve of anything you say or do. That person will laugh at the right times, encourage you, and clap wildly at the end of the performance.

6.  Drink citrus juice. Drinking citrus juice half an hour before your performance can lower your blood pressure and ease your anxiety.

7.  Laugh as much as you can. Watch a comedy in the morning, put on your favorite YouTube video, or just spend the afternoon hanging around the funniest person in your company. Laughing will relax you and take your mind off your nervousness.

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Some of us may have come across the gay Muslim account that posted comic strips on Instagram that brought online commotion, most people are wondering where the account had disappeared to.

The Instagram account which posted comic strips depicting the struggles of gay Muslims in Indonesia vanished from the social media site.

Indonesia's communications ministry was quick to take credit for the disappearance of the account, saying it had asked Instagram to take the account down because it contained "pornographic content".

Instagram later denied this claim, saying it had not removed the account.

The question now is, where did the account disappear to?

The Instagram account - under the username @Alpantuni - featured comic strips that showed the abuse and discrimination faced by a gay Muslim character. It had close to 6,000 followers.

In a statement, the social network said "it did not remove this account", adding that there are "a number of other reasons why an account may no longer be accessible, including, for example, if the account holder deleted the account, deactivated the account, or changed the account username."

It also added that it had "reviewed the account against our community guidelines and found that it does not violate our policies."

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Valentine must be going real red for some of you.. Now lets hold our red down a bit and admire this pure work of art from Egle Ellerman. Nothing makes Val more exciting than a series of red themed artwork. Egle calls this series 'Sisters Of Mercy' and you just really have to love it.

Enjoy these wonderful series